4 Worst People To Get Relationship Advice From

There comes a time in your life when you’ll need to turn outside of the relationship you’re in for some good old fashioned advice from another. When these moments come, you’ll want to choose wisely the people you rely on for solid and unbiased advice. Picking the wrong people can get you into a lot of trouble and lead you down a path that’s worse than the one you’re currently on. In our mind, here are the 4 worst people to get relationship advice from.

#1 Mom- We love mom, just not for advice on your girlfriends or wives. It is never a wise idea to fill Mommy Dearest in on the woes of your relationship. You’re her baby at all costs and telling her even the slightest negative aspects of the woman in your life could leave her impacted in the wrong way for the entire time you stay with this person. Your mom will hold a grudge against whomever hurts you so don’t go blabbing to your mother unless you want to keep hearing about 5 years down the road.

#2 Co-workers- Now, for a big reason, this may seem like a good idea. The fact that co-workers are an unbiased group and may give more sound advice may be appealing but be warned, you won’t come across well. Being the guy at the office who is always griping about your woman problems and dragging people into them won’t look good on you. You’ll get a bad rep and get advice from people who don’t know you well enough anyway.

#3 Her Best Friend- You may think ‘Who knows my wife/girlfriend more than her best friend? I’ll ask for her help.” WRONG! This can lead to a SERIES of problems, my friend. Not only will the best friend give you one-sided advice, she will 100% report back to her BFF that you came to her the second you leave the conversation. Also, when your spouse or girlfriend does find out, there will be hell to pay. A best friend of a woman is not to be messed with and going to her for advice is a path you don’t want to go down.

#4 Single Guy Friends- Pretty much self-explanatory. Who worse to get relationship advice from then a bro that wants you back as his wingman? Not only will he give advice leading to the demise of your current “in a relationship” status for HIS sake, he also probably doesn’t have the best advice to give if he is single and partying every weekend. Stay away from this train wreck and leave these guys to give advice AFTER you break up with your woman.

The 4 worst people to get relationship advice from are simply no-brainers. Instead, stick to the reliable people in your life like your father, your best friend who is married, or your dog. In most cases it is best not to even look outside the relationship for advice. Solving problems within will build a stronger bond and make you figure shit out for yourself.


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