How To Give Her Oral Sex

Oral sex, cunnilingus, or ‘eating out’ is one of the most common fears men have when it comes to pleasing their women. You may not want to do it, you may be SCARED to do it, or you just may flat out not know how to do it; either way, it must be done. Oral sex for MOST women is just as important as a blow job for a man. It doesn’t mean she has to come every time you do it; it just means she enjoys it as foreplay as you enjoy yours. Here are some tips to figure out how give her oral sex so she will be begging you for it over and over again.

Watch Porn. Yes, you heard me, I am suggesting you watch porn and take some notes. Skip to the scenes with females receiving oral sex and study it. Stick to the basics of it. Watch how and when they use their tongues opposed to their hands and fingers and when they use both. You’ll get some great tips from watching the ‘pros’.

Tease and Take Your Time. When it comes to oral sex for her, you need to start slow. The nerve endings she has are endless and if you start with teasing and making her wet first, you’ll be off to a good start. Try gently using the tip of your tongue to moisten between her vaginal lips. Then softly move your tongue to her clit and massage it. Put the tips of one or two of your fingers inside her, but keep it shallow. This will all lead up to her wanting deeper penetration… even begging for it.

Use All of What You Have. Never let a good tongue go to waste. Using your entire tongue is vital in making her feel the most of your oral sex pleasures. Put the tip of your tongue inside her at the very bottom then flatten it and do a long, heavy, stroke up to her clit. Start slowly and get faster and apply more pressure. Also, when it gets heated and she is wet enough, use your fingers to penetrate as deep as she likes. The tips of your fingers are just for the beginning. Using all of them to go deep will help towards the end.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to be taking notes of what she seems to like and when she gets quiet. If you’re not sure and she is hard to read, ask! Talk to her about it during the process and keep practicing until you both find a groove that works. How to give her oral sex can be a great way to better know your partner and explore more sexual options.

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