Giving Her Oral Sex

Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than giving her oral sex. If performed correctly, she should respond with face gyrations and high pitched yelping that could have someone within earshot calling the ASPCA. If performed incorrectly, she will lie there wishing she had placed the remote closer, so she could watch Dancing with the Stars, on mute, while you lap away like a blind idiot nowhere near her clit. According to a 2006 MSNBC poll, “…one in five women said they’re not comfortable enough with their genitals to receive oral sex…” Get your moves straight before diving in for a muff fest and avoid embarrassing yourself like so many amateurs out there.

Warm the Engine

Most women need genuine foreplay to moisten there loins. This means kissing, massaging, gentle breast licking and teasing, sweet talk, dirty talk, along with such surprises as an erotic massage, expensive dinner or a piece of jewelry. On top of all that, giving her oral sex means she feels safe enough with you to offer such an intimate, vulnerable act.

Prime the Puss

Once she is all worked up by your deep tongue wrestling and gentle nibbles this is your queue to pull aside her panties and start the art of fingering. Tease in and around her vagina and clitoris with slow, patient moves while at the same time continuing your breast, lip and other bodily manipulation. Remain patient as her pussy opens like a blooming flower just begging for your tongue to make her weak in the knees.

Head South for Head

Now that her engine is purring it is time to dive in. Take your time lightly rubbing your face over her chest and belly, enjoying the scent of her skin. Help her out of the rest of her clothes or get one of her legs out of her jeans, pull her panties aside and go nutty. Either way, remain gentle, in control with slow calculated moves and begin sampling the sauce. Start with a slight inhalation ruling out any funk. The smell should be musky yet with a twinge of sweet, salty or tart (kind of like a self-serve frozen yogurt joint). If it smells offensive, chances are it probably is so go back north and exit her company immediately.


Look up pictures of the clitoris on your Interweb device. Usually under a thin hood of skin sitting at the top of the vagina, the clitoris must become your tongue’s best friend. It is important to know that this appendage is a hotspot of nerves that should be treated like an exposed live wire. Approach with caution before you repeatedly press on it like an already lit elevator button. Using your tongue, gently rub, swirl, nibble and tap this wonder of wonders. If she responds to one move keep that move going until she explodes.

Giving her oral sex is giving her good head which you will hopefully receive in return if you do it right.

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