Ways To Save Your Marriage

Marriage is an evolving, morphing animal that never remains as you intended. Bodies change, minds change, finances change, sexual desires change and what one thought of as the perfect nest, the other could be thinking something totally different. Then, if and when kids are thrown into the mix, a whole new spectrum of challenges can arise. In more than half the marriages these changes and potential obstacles often cause couples to lock horns on a daily basis. So much so that separation becomes an inevitable, every day thought. If this sounds like your situation take a look at these ways to save your marriage before you throw it all away and start sniffing around for some new ass (which will most likely, eventually, carry similar baggage).

1. Couples Counseling

In couples counseling you will be able to speak to one another with a professional mediator in the room that can stop and show you the negative, damaging, cyclical communication you have fallen into. You will learn to repair the contempt, resentment and sometimes even the hatred that has built up over the years. Finding what you originally sought after in one another can catapult you into the team you intended to be.

2. Listen, Like and Love

Most marriages fail because both parties feel unheard. This is why so many seek out an affair. It is an escape to be liked again by someone who does not have a truckload of ammunition to unload on you at every turn. Before you or her run into the arms of someone else and make your life ten times more difficult, try embracing and practicing some of these tips:

• Avoid negative, hurtful comments and actions against one another
• Be honest
• Dote on each other
• Complement one another
• Stop making under your breath negative comments
• Genuinely listen to one another making sure you do not break eye contact
• Stop doing stuff that bothers one another
• Forgive each other
• Be consistent, do not just do something nice once and go back to your old ways
• Stop criticizing
• Stop bringing up the past
• Sacrifice time and energy for your spouse without any expectations in return
• Show empathy, if she is hurting put yourself in her shoes
• If she does not reciprocate any of the above, do them even more

3. Date and Fuck

You must leave your everyday, mundane scene and rediscover one another as much as possible. This means anything from a weekly date, taking a 24 hour furlough and booking a room in a nearby hotel to an all out vacation from life and kids so outside forces cannot interfere with your re-connection. Physically and mentally enjoy each other’s company, like you once did when you met, and  begin saving your marriage.

These ways to save your marriage take work and commitment. At first it can be difficult, but if you remain steadfast you just may want to come home for a change.


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