A Guide To Deodorant: By Brand

Shit, this may seem inane, but apparently men don’t know how to correctly wear deodorant.  This is purely anecdotal, but increasingly, in real life situations, men seem to have some serious odor and hygiene problems—hence a guide to deodorant by brand  You’d think this would be the opposite case considering the fact that gazillions of dollars are being spent on quirky, off the wall, advertising.  Damn!  Still, do yourself a favor and skim through this and if you don’t currently wear deodorant, get on it.  Seriously.  For everyone’s sake.

The most visible brand of deodorant—the upstart—has definitely been AXE.  The entire line of products boast a similar, pungent scent from body spray, to roll on deodorant, to even shampoos and shower products.  The commercials usually involve women chasing men because of the way they smell.  That’s fine and dandy, but it doesn’t change the scent that actually accompanies the products—it smells cheap.  Probably because it is cheap.  The scent of AXE smells exactly like a 7th grade locker room—and if you’re a grown adult wearing AXE body spray, then you probably smell like a middle schooler.  The deodorant basically has the same vibe.  I’d stay away from this one.

Now here’s an even more recent brand that doesn’t necessarily has the same visibility as AXE.  The deodorant line by Dove for Men includes body wash and soap, which have only appeared in the last few years.  Now these products are interesting because as an antiperspirant, they work really well.  They will keep you extremely dry.  However, all of their actual scents have a distinctly feminine smell.  It lacks that masculine musk that gives deodorant its punch.  It’s got more of a fresh linen smell than a man’s cologne scent.  Personally, I’d probably steer clear of this one.

So where exactly does that leave us?  The best always comes last, and in this case, it’s Old Spice.  Their quirky advertising is bested on by the scent and price of their products.  The deodorant (classic scent) has been the same formula for eternity and it works well.  It smells fantastic.  It goes perfectly with the after shave, the body wash, and even the drugstore cologne.  Hell, you could get shampoo while you’re at it.  I highly recommend the entire line of products, including the High Endurance, the Swagger, and whatever else they have to offer.  Excellent company!

If you stink like miserable body odor, take a few notes here, and use this guide to deodorant by brand to get yourself a new scent.  Women will love it, strangers will appreciate it, and it will turn your entire life around.



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