Clothing That Every Man Needs

There are certain articles of clothing that men just need to have.  Unfortunately, men everywhere fail to own some of the most essential items that make up a basic wardrobe.  Here are a few items of clothing that you need to buy and should pick up immediately.

As far as your upper torso goes, there are a few key pieces that you need to snatch up.  Every man should have a fresh pack of white tee-shirts to go under their outerwear.  Go grab some fresh, fitted Hanes T-shirts right now.  You probably need a new pack anyway.  This goes underneath your Oxford button downs, which are also extremely essential.  Snatch both of these basics up and you’ll be good to go for practically any occasion.  A few polos wouldn’t hurt either for the hotter weather.

So what’s the deal for the bottom half of your duds?  Well for starters, you need a good, worn in pair of Levi’s because honestly they’re the only jeans that will do.  Once you’ve got that hooked up, and I recommend spending some cash on them because they’re worth it, you need some dress pants.  A few colors need to be purchased.

But what’s the deal for the in between situations?  Jeans for fixing up the car in the garage and dress pants are for the office.  You need to snag a couple different colored pair of chinos.  That’s my shit right there.  Tan, blue, gray, brown are the most common colors, but you can get as weird as you want with it—go for red, green, white—whatever you’re feeling.  Make sure they’re fitted, so you don’t look slouchy.  You can rock that shit up in the clubs, at the bar, and maybe you’ll get spotted by The Sartorialist and snapped up—who knows?

The shoes are really up to you. This is your chance to show off some of your own expression here.  Get some dope driving loafers—like some brown leather ones with a little wear and tear.  Or if you’re having a mid-life crisis snag up a pair of big white, Justin Bieber space boots.  Don’t let anyone tell you what’s right or wrong!  Do it however you want.

Ultimately, those are the most essential items for any man’s wardrobe.  Your next move would be a suit, so try that out if you want, but these are the items of clothing you need to snag today.

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