How To Apologize To A Girl

One of the trickiest things in the world is apologizing to a girl. Women are a complicated group as a whole and then throw in the fact that we are all so completely different and it’s no wonder men are at a loss. When giving an apology to anyone it is important to be sincere among other things. Here is how to apologize to a girl if you want the best results.

Repeat Back What You Did Wrong. When having the conversation of apologizing, a woman wants to know that YOU KNOW what you did wrong. Simply telling her you feel bad for upsetting her won’t work. She wants to hear you repeat your wrong doings aloud so she is sure that you are clear on the mistakes you made. If you’re unsure, then ask!

Don’t Say “But”! Saying ‘but’ or ‘however’ during an apology is the quickest way to have it start ALL over again. Girls use this word a lot and so they know a cop out when they hear it. For example, “Baby I’m sorry I kissed that girl at the bar…but I was drunk and she leaned in first!” NOT GOOD! Keep your apology straightforward and free of excuses even though we’re sure you’ll be dying to dish some out. Avoid a fight within a fight by ditching the BUT.

Actually Say “I’m Sorry” But Not ONLY “I’m Sorry”. A perfect apology will contain you saying “I’m sorry” while also communicating more in depth as well. If you go the whole conversation without saying you’re sorry and just filling the void with things like “I feel bad I hurt you”, she will not get the feeling that you actually REGRET what you did. There is a difference between feeling bad for doing it and actually wishing you could take it back; so let her know you’re sorry.

Determine How To Change. A girl will not only want to know that you ARE sorry but that you’ll work towards not repeating the offense again in the future. You’ll need to let her know that you know you were wrong and why you learned your lesson. Try and figure out a realistic way of solving the problem. For example: if you snapped at her  on the phone after work because you had a bad day, tell her you’ll always go home to shower and cool off first before talking to her so you can calm down from a long day and not take it out on her.

If you follow these tips on how to apologize to a girl, you’ll most likely make it out alive, and keep her happy. Try and stay calm during the course of the conversation and keep your cool. Being genuine and sticking to the basics will help the apology go a lot faster; leading of course to better make up sex:)


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