How To Keep Her Happy While Away On Business

Business trips can be great; free meals, free flight, nice hotels, and a mini get-a-way from your actual job. You get to see new places, meet new people, and learn new things. But when you’re in a relationship, going away on business trip after business trip can be grueling and cause problems you don’t need or want. Here’s how to keep her happy while away on business.

Leave her surprises. Women LOVE surprises and we love feeling special. There’s nothing more romantic than little love notes or unexpected flowers or presents. When you go away something as simple as placing a love note under her pillow can make her feel so much better. If you want, you can even send her flowers at work to let her know you understand the separation is hard on her. Romance goes a long way with women.

Communicate when you can. Just because you’re away on work, doesn’t mean you can act as if you don’t have any time to text or call. Hell, even bring your computer to Skype with her in the hotel room after the day is done. Knowing that you are contacting her when you can will make her feel relieved and not so anxious. Send her a quick text between meetings saying “I Love You!!!” The message will go a long way.

Let her know you miss her. Just texting her or being nice on the phone isn’t enough. You need to say the actual words, “I miss you” to make it count. Women bank on actual verbal reinforcement to keep them happy and saying it once or twice throughout the trip can make a world of difference in how she reacts at you being gone.

Bring her home a gift. If every trip is hard on her, give her something to look forward to. Start her a collection of shot glasses from different cities and states or show up with a single red rose each time she picks you up from the airport. There are countless small or big gifts you can bring at the end of each trip that will make your time away a little more bearable.

Whether the gesture is big or small, it will still hold great value to her. Making her feel special in the smallest ways will add up to easier trips away from home. Plus, the more you please her while you’re away, the more she’ll please YOU when you get back!







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