How To Look Good All Summer: 4 Easy Tips

Beach body season is officially here for most of you and you’re probably wondering how to keep up with the best of them. Getting into shape for summer can be hard enough and maintaining it with so many distractions can be ever harder. If you want to know how to look good all summer follow some of our basic rules.

#1 Tanning- There is a fine line for your skin tone and you definitely want to make sure you don’t get it wrong. Thinking you don’t need a tan or that you don’t need to even out your Farmer’s Tan is a bad way of viewing it. You should make sure that you get some sun kissed skin if you’ll be at the beach a lot and work on evening out those arms and legs if they are black and white. Hitting the tanning booths once a week or lying out in your backyard is an easy fix. Opposite of that, make sure you don’t get fried. Always use sunscreen that’s appropriate for your skin type.

#2 Water- Getting enough H20 is not only healthy for you, but will keep you in shape too. The more water you drink the fuller you feel throughout the day, making you munch less often at the office or while sitting out on the patio. Drinking water will help maintain your lean body and keep you hydrated and looking lively all summer.

#3 Run- If you can’t stand the thought of a day at the office then being stuck at the gym while its 80 degrees out, hit the pavement. Studies show that running is the best cardio workout you can give your body and leads to the fastest results to burn fat. You’ll get to enjoy the sun, check out the neighborhood, and cut down your fat all at the same time.

#4 Sports- One of the best ways to keep up your exercise routine while not missing out on the warm rays and beautiful women, is to play co-ed sports. Join a league or just hit your local park on the right days for some impromptu action. Playing volleyball with a team of women and men is a great way to see some tight female bodies in spandex, and at the same time keeping up your workout routine.

These four easy tips for how to look good all summer will make you feel like you’re cheating without actually breaking your stride!

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