Marriage and Kids: Do You Really Want Them?

As you peruse pussy after pussy, there is one thing for sure: if they are between twenty-five and thirty, chances are they want a ring and a kid and they want it fast. The need for marriage and kids is hard wired into a woman’s brain since the time she could talk. Nature pokes at her uterus once a month to remind her and society pounds it into every fairy tale, commercial and any form of entertainment she watches. Therefore, as you hunt down your next horizontal dance, keep in mind that a woman will do anything to lock you in to a commitment just to fulfill her brainwashed fantasy of marriage and her innate call for reproduction.


Although the numbers are skeptical it is still estimated that about half of all marriages end in divorce. This is because they are no picnic and when you are young and dumb you think it will be different for you. It won’t. Yes, you feel like you love her and are tired of trolling for a mate so why not? To live with a woman and succumb to her every whim unless you want the pussy gate to close, takes a special man. For some reason, women want the freedom of being a woman without the responsibility of work or, as of late, cooking, cleaning and yup, even rearing their own offspring. This person you seem so in synch with may stay that way and all the power to you but the odds, unfortunately, are against you as you both change over the years. You will get ugly, fat, lose your identity and wonder how you ended up in your situation in the first place.


Kids are amazing. They never cease to fill you with the wonder and awe they possess. This is about 10% of raising a child. The other 90% is filled with you being the entertainer, chef, maid and cop every day without a thank you or a helping hand. Then, when they leave, you not only have to pay for their college after footing their bill throughout their whole life but they basically do not want to be around you anymore after that.

Being Alone

Alone and lonely are two different things. Some men need the noise and chaos of being around someone but if you are happy with whom you are then you will not be lonely. You will be the best uncle or friend to many children, you will be able to continue pussy hunting and/or find a mate past child rearing or marriage wanting years and you will never have to answer to anyone except yourself. Plus, you will have money. What more can you ask for?

Take a look at whether marriage and kids are for you. Take a look at your parents and their parent’s relationship. If your childhood was wrought with bickering parents and a dysfunctional family then maybe being on your own is more empowering.



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