Raw Vegetable Diet: Back to Basics

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While its very name may sound quite unappealing, the raw vegetable diet has been producing fabulous reviews from the people who are participating in it. While the diet itself seems to be rather restricting in the foods that are eligible to eat, when the big picture is really looked into, there is quite a variety of foods that are involved. The diet is a great way to introduce new varieties of fruits, vegetables, grains, sprouts and nuts that you may have otherwise not even known about into your eating habits and can be a rather pleasant experience instead of a dull one.

The raw vegetable diet is pretty simple in its terms as it is just that, the consumption of raw vegetables. But along with the vegetables, the diet encourages and requires the use of fruits, grains, spouts, nuts and seeds. When starting the diet you may be amazed at the thousands of different varieties of each and the delicious tastes that they each harbor. Of course it will be a trial and error phase at first, especially when you aren’t a veggie type of person; you’ll want to not limit yourself to only those foods for which you know in order to maintain variety. Having variety is a safer way to being able to make the diet a way of life in that it ensures you don’t get bored to easily and is more apt to quit.

The raw vegetable diet is known to have wonderful natural cleansing effects in our bodies. When maintained properly, the diet becomes more of an alkaline diet. Because our bodies are more alkaline than acidic, (which is the opposite and is what makes up a lot of the foods we currently put in our bodies), our bodies are constantly fighting to regulate our Ph levels and fight the hardest when there is the presence of acids. It’s been said that due to this fight, we are more prone to sickness or even dropped energy and can in fact become deadly if the presence of acids are too strong. By eating a diet high in alkaline, which is exactly what the raw vegetable diet consists of, the body fights less, if at all to maintain Ph levels and people who participate in the diet currently boasts of little to no sickness whatsoever!

The reason why the raw vegetable diet insists on being raw is that when vegetables are cooked in temperatures too hot, the nutrients and vitamins that are normally packed into the veggies dissolve and evaporate. People who are on the diet use the rule of thumb when “cooking” their foods that if you can’t hold your finger in the water for which you are cooking the food for more than 10 seconds then it’s too hot and will cook away all of the necessary qualities. So in essence, this diet requires little preparation, but a lot of variety!

The raw vegetable diet may not sound palatable for a lot of people but it’s been said that once someone participates in the raw food diet they can’t imagine eating any other way. It’s also been said to be extremely affordable and great source of pride if you choose to grow your own foods. Perhaps getting back to the basic food consumption of our ancestors can prove to bring such great health we’ll wonder why we ever advanced away from it!

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