Positives and Negatives of Masturbation

Masturbation is a wonderful gift, and it’s completely safe and offers no risk of a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). However, you may be wondering if there could be a cause for concern if you are a compulsive masturbator. Contrary to popular myths, masturbation does not cause blindness, mental illness, hairy palms, or infertility. This article will list the positives and negatives of masturbation.

The Positives of Masturbation

  • Masturbation teaches you how you like to be touched. Some men like to give their penis a thorough tug, and then it can be frustrating if your girlfriend is treating it like a precious jewel during a blow job and afraid to harm it, so it’s important to show her how you like to be touched.
  • Masturbation can teach you to last longer, especially if you are prone to premature ejaculation. Try the squeeze technique, which requires that you masturbate to bring yourself to the peak and then back off with gentle strokes. The squeeze technique could also turn you multi-orgasmic.
  • The reason everyone masturbates is for the delirious delight of an orgasm, and when you’ve hit the big O, pain relieving endorphins wave through the body immediately erasing anxiety and stress and leave an afterglow of happiness.
  • Regular masturbation can push you through the barriers of guilt, which are often learned as a child and carried forward into adulthood, especially if your parents were religious and strict. This is your body and your life. If society had its way, every one would be on drugs and numbed of the joys of masturbation and sex. It may take you years to rid the subconscious guilt, but continue until masturbation feels completely natural.
  • Masturbation allows you to connect with your creative mind and develop hot fantasies. These may be fantasies you would never try in reality, but explore them anyway.

The Negatives of Masturbation

  • The psychological impact of guilt during masturbation can create a lot of damage in the subconscious, and this can take years of therapy to rid. A compulsive masturbator may feel deep shame, and this can create feelings of unworthiness and self-hate. Before it gets to that stage, be grateful that you can touch yourself the way you want to, and then put yourself in the shoes of the men and women who are castrated and circumcised in barbaric ways all in the name of religion. Psychosomatic effects may also occur when the physiological factors of shame and guilt can create physical discomfort in the body including chronic pain and headaches.
  • Chronic masturbation can alter the body and brain chemistry, as there is an overproduction of neurotransmitters and sex hormones. This can cause physical symptoms including vision changes, pelvic pain, fatigue, hair loss, lower back pain, and testicular pain. Current research related to overproduction of testosterone has been linked to DHT production, which is linked to male pattern hair loss.
  • Too much masturbation could affect the sex life with your partner, your self-esteem, and your relationships. For example, what if you have one specific fantasy you love to jack off to? Becoming obsessed about one particular sexual fantasy could shut off the connection with your partner in the bedroom, which is one reason to curb excess masturbation.
  • Excess masturbation can cause a reduction in penis hardness over time, dependent on how many times you ejaculate. The body requires time to compensate the loss of seminal fluids and over indulging in masturbation can create a softer erection. Too much alcohol or smoking can produce the same problem, although cigarettes are much worse as they affect blood circulation and can cause impotence.

In life, there are positives and negatives to everything, even consuming too many vegetables could cause a vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body. But learning the positives and negatives of masturbation should give you some confidence about whether it’s benefiting your body, or if your over indulging in masturbation is causing more problems than you care to admit.


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