Turn Her Into Your Sex Slave

You’ve been snuggling on the couch together, you’re both feeling tired, and it’s time for bed. She’s initiating sex, but you feel too tired to show her a good time. This could piss her off as women hate rejection. So you might as well fake an excuse and make it up to her by waking her up in the middle of the night with a move so deliciously hot; it will turn her into your sex slave. This move is versatile and can be used by a partner to even seduce you.

Her nervous system is your best friend when it comes to foreplay. The breasts, clitoris, hips, ears, and neck are all areas she loves you to fondle to get her in a sexy mood, however, never forget the spine. Oh yes, while she’s asleep, push her onto her front and lick up and down her spine. This is likely to make her stir and moan, plus it will be creating the horn in her pussy. If you’re multi-talented, lick up and down her spine whilst transferring her pussy juices over her clit. Dominate her and give her the pleasure she deserves for your refusal of a hot session the night previously.

Soon enough, she will be encouraging you to fuck her, but don’t listen to her demands. Remember, that this is your time to shine and domination is a fun way to share a kinky sex life. Sex doesn’t always have to remain in the bedroom with missionary. Why not lick or scratch up and down her spine during doggy style. There are so many ways you can turn her into your sex slave. The first time a man ever licked up and down my spine to awaken me was one of the horniest orgasms I had ever experienced.

Of course, if she is ticklish, it may not be a popular move to try, but a high proportion of women will grow incredibly wet from constant licks or gentle scratches up and down the spine. The problem with some women is their want for mystery.  She is unlikely to admit how horny she is, but her juices will give that away.  The amount of her lubrication will also tell you what turns her on the most.

Try to lick up and down the spine to turn her into your sex slave in the middle of the night. Use foreplay to your advantage. Women don’t always enjoy quickie sex. She wants to be pampered and loved, and foreplay turns her on and makes her feel sexy. She’ll happily turn into your sex slave if you give her what she wants.

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