How Does the Jenny Craig Diet Work

If you watch television than you have probably come across the advertisements for a popular weight loss control plan that has been endorsed by celebrities called Jenny Craig.  And if you are like most people who see these ads, it may have piqued your curiosity and left you asking yourself, “How does the Jenny Craig Diet work?”  The genius of the advertising has a participant, normally a celebrity or someone well known, who promotes the diet before they even start on it and the commercials follow them through their progress. Of course it gives the impression that if it can work for them it must be able to work for anyone. So how does it?

The Jenny Craig diet has been known to be not just a diet but a complete lifestyle change. Those who participate become a member by paying a small membership fee which gives them access to not only the meals but other people on the plan as well, most importantly a personal sponsor. Once the fee is paid the participant then undergoes a profile process which measures the daily eating habits as well as the persons activity level, current weight and height. Working with those answers the plan is then put in place according the individuals needs and goals. Since everyone is different in terms of how much they want or need to lose and what their lifestyles will allow for, the plans are very individualized in a way that is best suited for the person making it easier to commit to.

The foods involved with the diet itself are largely all manufactured for Jenny Craig participants. In other words those who are on the diet largely depend upon pre-made foods that are to be consumed, and in fact is all part of the diet plan. Most participants will agree that not only has the pre-made foods taken all of the guesswork out when it comes to calorie and carb intake, where others argue that being able to ONLY eat these foods is expensive, Jenny Craig participants say they pay no more for the foods than they would buying food to prepare at the grocery store. Most people on the plan enjoy the fact that because the foods are already prepared for them, all they have to do is heat them up if that is even required!

The makers of the products distributed by Jenny Craig carefully manufacture the meals according to controlling certain ingredients high in sodium, cholesterol, added sugars and saturated fats.  It makes easy for those on the diet since there is no calorie counting, weighing of food or figuring out food portion, all of this has been done for them. Also, on the plan, Jenny Craig focuses on eating several small meals instead of fewer bigger ones as a way to control weight and energy levels.

So in answering the question about how does the Jenny Craig Diet work, it would be safe to say by implementing portion control, modifying certain behaviors and by eating the meals that have already been prepared for the participants. In fact, the most important part of the diet itself is strictly eating only Jenny Craig foods since the portions have already been calculated along with the content of the foods themselves.  Millions of people are involved with the diet and are enjoying their results so much they have continued on with Jenny Craig as a way of life, not just a diet. Obviously Jenny Craig has worked for them; perhaps she can work for you too!

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