Try A Bit of Domination To Drive Her Wild

Domination can be a scary thought, especially if you are new to its kinky elements. Taking control of a partner without her knowledge of whether she will freak or cream her knickers can also be daunting. However, a great relationship often contains great sex, so why not try a bit of domination to drive her wild? I’m not discussing whips, rubber gimp suits, or chains here, although tying her wrists to the bed with chains could crank up the spice factor. I silk scarf will suffice.

This type of domination is sure to turn her into a quivering wreck. If you can create desire on a specific area of her body, she will crave your touch. The nipples grow deliciously hard and suckable, but for this experiment, you will be specifically avoiding her nipple area. Instead, give her the hottest kiss of her life, while avoiding her clitoris. Rub her outer pussy lips and around her anus, and keep up this restraint no matter how much you want to ravish her. If her hands are tied, her pleasure will multiply! No matter how much you want to fondle and lick her nipples, stop and imagine her pleasure, and try to hit her erogenous zones. You are out to create her sexual insanity, not yours.

  1. Secure her hands with a silk scarf or chains, if you are feeling kinky.
  2. Give her a kiss that will get her juices flowing and turn her nipples hard.
  3. Specifically avoid licking or toying with her nipples no matter how arousing they look.
  4. Tease your fingers over her neck, hips, and inner thighs, and avoid her clitoris. Do not even rub your rock hard cock over it because you will be giving away your power. Domination is all about control.
  5. Continue avoiding her nipples and clitoris and she will soon grow frustrated. She will not be able to tease herself, and the desire for touch in these areas will grow extreme.
  6. Continue this domination foreplay for 30 to 60 minutes, if you have the self-control. Ideally, you want her to beg you for release. There is no way she will be faking her orgasm after this domination foreplay.

This type of foreplay is a lot harder than it sounds, but it will drive you both insane, plus it might stimulate her fertile mind into spontaneity.

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