Two Types of Attraction: What Are You Looking For?

When you’re out with your friends, instant attraction comes into force. Men are easy prey around women since they can display attractive parts of their body, but it takes great will power not to look twice at a sexy girl. So the first type of attraction is instant or chemistry-type attraction. Your pheromones are playing cupid and if you two make it to first base and the kiss is good, the sex probably will be too! The other type of attraction takes far longer to kick into force and it takes place through long-term friendship. Believe it or not, friendship type attraction can lead to a deeper love and respect. So keep an open mind and know that there are two types of attraction.

Instant Chemistry Attraction

You head into a bar, you’re feeling good and you smell good, and you notice a sexy girl walking past displaying far too much flesh, which is already having a noticeable effect on your dick. If you are overconfident, you could approach her, but she already knows she is the one in control since many other men will be eying up the prize. However, perhaps you have a great sense of humor and can use this to your advantage rather than use the cheesy chat up lines she is probably used to. Being different is the one trait that can make a stunning woman take notice. If you’ve seen the Will Smith movie Hitch, you may have noticed how he approaches a sexy girl in a bar and pretends she is a waitress by handing her money. She follows him, calls him an asshole, and he cuts the act and tells her he did it to get her away from the crowd of men who were surrounding her and her friends. She is impressed and the rest is left to the viewer’s imagination. There is no guarantee that instant attraction can turn into a long lasting relationship, but it can happen to the couple who respect each other and put in substantial effort to make it work.

Friendship Attraction

You may have a best friend who you hang with every day, but you don’t view her as relationship material. However, this type of attraction may gradually grow without you ever telling her how you feel, or it may occur after she starts a relationship and you notice yourself judging her new partner. If this happens, don’t use the excuse you are looking out for her happiness. True feelings for another person come to play through our emotions. The good news about friendship attraction is she might reciprocate her desires. Life is for living so tell her how you feel, even if she rejects you. You may just grow on her in time.

There are two types of attraction, each unique and special. While the instant chemistry is what every couple wants, friendship attraction builds a mutual respect and has the ability to go the distance.

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