5 Ways To Experience Insane Chemistry

There are hundreds of online dating websites today catering toward every type of person from spiritual, religious, highly sexual, bizarre, or fetishistic, and each aims to provide you with a partner whom you share chemistry with. However, this does not happen to everyone, so here are 5 ways to experience insane chemistry with your perfect partner.

  • Lower The Expectations: With the world obsessed by beauty and looks, most men prefer to date a woman who is pleasing on the eye. However, this can cause problems because if you only date high maintenance women, there could be a woman out there who is ready to treat you like a prince, yet she may never be given the chance to impress you. Choosing to date a woman who is good looking with the personality of a monster is shallow, but men are only human and judge others. Many of us date high maintenance women so we will be popular with our friends, and it’s always good gossip to talk about dating a “hottie,” but let’s not forget your happiness in all of this. Lower the expectations and you may well experience insane chemistry with someone whom you would least expect.
  • Opposites Do Attract: Dating a person who is the total opposite of you can be an interesting experience. So what if you’re shy and reserved and she jumps out of planes for a living. Think of the amazing conversation you two will share. Most of the time men date a woman they share something in common with, but have you ever given your pheromones a chance to play cupid?
  • Love Can Wait: Some men and women prefer to find a relationship, even after one ends. They will search for another partner and place chemistry at the bottom of their agenda because just being with someone is enough. But this is not the key to true happiness. Forcing a relationship is probably the worst way to find true love, and I believe there is a perfect person out there for everyone, but it requires patience and faith to find him or her.
  • Good Kiss Equals Chemistry: I’m not sure about you, but I have always judged the sharing of chemistry with a good kiss. The tongues make love effortlessly, and whether you close your eyes or not, there is the urge to kiss for hours because it feels so good.
  • Sexual Experimentation: So what happens if you have outrageous demands in the bedroom, but she is shy and reserved? How can you share great chemistry in the bedroom without sharing your likes and dislikes? If you feel like she will judge you by sharing your fantasy, find another partner who you feel totally compatible with in all areas of your life.

Here are 5 ways to experience insane chemistry with a special someone, and the guidelines above can go a long way to sharing this spectacular energy. It does not take rocket science to know when your instincts are guiding you toward the right person.

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