How To Encourage Her To Masturbate

Why do most men love pornographic movies and magazines? Besides the appeal of sexy women with zero body fat, these women know how to turn the audience rock hard and coming back for more. They have no sexual inhibitions, which means anal sex, masturbation, and blowjob scenes for you to watch. It’s very brave to explain to your girlfriend why you love porn, but if it’s just to watch a woman masturbate, then you’ll continue to have a problem in the bedroom unless you learn how to encourage her to masturbate.

There’s no shame in masturbation. Billions of people engage in this sexual act and it’s perfectly healthy. Regular masturbation in women teaches them how she likes to be touched, and if she can show you exactly how she likes to be touched, you can give her a good time during oral and masturbation. Be patient and encourage her to pleasure herself. It’s very likely that you will experience a rock hard erection during this moment, which should encourage her to continue.

  • If she is too shy to perform directly in front of you, request that she records her naughty exploits. Just imagine how it will feel to have an explicit video of your girlfriend masturbating to watch at your pleasure.
  • Be patient especially if she is masturbating for the first time. Encourage her by stating that she looks desirable and she is making you wild.
  • Does she penetrate her g-spot with her fingers or only focus on her clitoris? Some women prefer to use a vibrating dildo to tease the clitoris, but it’s also sexy to watch her fingers in action since it’s much easier to reenact.
  • If she is paranoid about her body image, as most women are when it comes to stripping, why not give her a luxurious massage to make her feel sexy and wanted. Concentrate on her buttocks and thighs and don’t forget to adorn the nape of her neck with arousing kisses to get her dripping beneath.
  • A glass of wine or two should rid her sexual reservations and allow her to act the way she feels.

There are many ways you can create her arousal if you are wondering how to encourage her to masturbate. The best way you can make her feel good about herself is to compliment her and confess that your hottest fantasy would be to watch her masturbate while she’s sat on your face.

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