Exercises To Lose Weight: The Manly Way

Dudes gain weight—it’s just a fact.  At some point all those late night beers and those late night drunken omelets will catch up with you, right around the middle section.  The beer gut is perennial, and seems to swell in the winter and then thin out right around bathing suit season.  If you’re going to look good for the beach and the ladies this year, then you probably want to do some exercise to lose weight.  For men, this is a whole different game, but definitely a worthwhile time.

The problem is that men don’t want to lose weight by eating skimpy looking portions of salad, or doing yoga in the park.  While those are both admirable tactics worth trying, for the sake of your image I understand why you want to avoid those things.  You want to do something a little manlier.  Fair enough.  First off, you need to definitely hit the weights.  You won’t be getting anywhere without some iron-pumping.  Do all of the routine, not just the beach body muscles—triceps, biceps, abs, chest.  You also need to work on legs, back, shoulders and all of the core.  You’ll look like an idiot with a huge chest, but tiny shoulders and no back.

But the key to getting into that Daniel Craig shape isn’t just about the muscles.  You need some cardio endurance.  Men aren’t just good looking—they’re good at stuff.  Get your fat ass in shape by doing some sports. Basketball is a fun way to get in shape that doesn’t feel like you’re exercising.  Tennis will have you doing a ton of running and is a good reason to buy some new sneakers.

But if you want to get ripped as hell, and lean and mean, then you need to spend some time swimming.  Have you seen Michael Phelps?  That dude is a straight monster.  He’s got arms like tree trunks.  You could break a two by four on his abs.  If you want that ridiculous body, you should swim.  Do all the strokes and you’ll start looking stacked in no time I promise.

Being in great shape makes you feel better, it makes the ladies notice, and you’ll look all around better.  Do yourself the favor and get ripped.  The beach won’t know what’s coming if you get stacked by summer.  If worst comes to worst, join a Fight Club and get that Brad Pitt swag.   There are a ton of exercises to lose weight for men. You just need to get off your ass and do something.


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