Shoes Men Should Own: The Top 5

Men have a very fleeting idea of what’s appropriate to wear on their feet.  Goddamn.  With the rise of menswear blogging on the Internet, you probably should up your footwear game.  Great shoes are a real investment and if you take care of them, they’ll take care of you forever.  Keep them polished, keep them shined, and keep them in cedar trees.  In any case, here are the top 5 shoes that men should own.

1) Sneakers: These are the crucial, but messy territory for many dudes.  You don’t want some Justin Bieber space boot sneakers that make you look fifteen years old.  Honestly, grab yourself some Jack Purcell Converse sneakers.  Let them get dirty if you want, play tennis in them, who cares?  Don’t ever try to interchange dress shoes for sneakers.  Every man should know there are work shoes and play shoes.

2) Boots: These are also crucial for a man’s life.  Get some big, heavy boots that you can wear with a suit in the winter.  Brown work well here, but you can also go black.  I also recommend hitting up the Army-Navy store and grabbing some second hand boots for working outside.  They work wonders, especially because they’re broken in.

3) Black Dress Shoes: These need to be polished very, very well and you need to keep them nice.  Black goes with black and it goes well with gray.  Get smooth shoes, that aren’t too pointy and you’ll be funeral fresh all day.

4) Brown Dress Shoes: These are for brown suits, gray suits and navy suits.  I’m not big on wingtips, but you can hook these up too.  Italian leather is the only way to go here—maybe this is the excuse you’ve been looking for to fly to Milan to buy some fresh shoes.  A shopping trip is always a good idea.

5) Double Monks: These are the classiest item of clothing a man can own.  If you’re an older man, they’ll make you seem fresh and young.  If you’re a younger man, they’ll make you classy as hell.  Seriously, get up out your house and buy these.  Get that Mark McNairy swag on your feet boy!

So you’re hooked up fat with the top 5 shoes men should own.  Get branded, and spread your wing(tips) into some classy footwear territory.  With these kicks you’ll be the classiest dude in the office and the freshest looking dude at the club.  You’ll thank me later!



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