Simple Tips For Grilling Great Burgers This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and most of you probably broke out your grills several weeks ago. If you’re planning any sort of cook-out or party this summer, or even if you just want to cook up a tasty meal for your family, you’re probably looking for tips on how to grill a great burger. These are some simple tips for grilling great burgers that are easy to remember and should always be followed.

Step 1 Fresh Meat Every Time. You wouldn’t jump into bed with your wife if your meat smelled foul or had dark spots would you? So don’t put hamburger on the grill that way either. Our tip is to always buy fresh the day of a big event. Make sure it’s pink, moist, and smells like raw meat should.

Step 2 Don’t Get Fancy With The Seasonings and Marinades. If you’re not sure how to “doctor up” a simple patty, then don’t. Of course you can always splash it with some Worcestershire sauce or Italian dressing and throw it in the fridge for a couple hours, but not everyone enjoys those; nor, does everyone like lemon pepper, red pepper flakes, or Grill Mates seasoning. If you ask us, stick to salt and pepper and a pinch of garlic salt. Go heavy on the S&P to give the patties a kick for the big boys.

Step 3 Don’t Let Those Juices Leak Out! Just like in sex, wasted juices are often a horrible tragedy for men; this should go for your burgers too.

• Make sure you cook your meat over a high flame. The high heat will trap in the moisture the entire time they are on the grill.

• Don’t flip your burgers a lot. If you get tempted to look cool and flip just remember you won’t look cool when they end up dry and lifeless. The basic rule is to FLIP ONE TIME ONLY. Give each patty about 5-7 minutes then flip.

• DO NOT PRESS DOWN. Pushing down on the patties with a spatula may seem like a pro move, but it’s lethal! Pressing down on the hamburger will FORCE OUT the precious juices that make the burgers tender and succulent. Do not ever make this mistake.

Step 4 Buns Matter. Once you master the patty, master the bun. A bad, dry, hard, or flaky bun can ruin a great juicy burger. Make sure that you get a bun that can handle all the juices and the weight of your burger and won’t get soggy on contact. Spread some butter on them and toast it over the open flame for 30 seconds to give it a warm, restaurant feel.

Stick to these easy tips for grilling great burgers this summer and you’ll be the talk of your neighborhood.  Once you’ve mastered the simple steps for great burger grilling, move on to seasonings, fix-ins, and more. Being able to serve up a delicious patty is a feat every man should know how to accomplish.


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