5 Must See Conerts This Summer- 2012

Finally! Warm weather is among us and it’s time for all the music lovers of the world to shed our depression of a music deprived winter and rejoice in all the kick ass shows that will be heading to cities near US this summer 2012! There are some amazing new acts hitting the music scene that will be touring, along with some oldies but goodies making the docket as well. Here are the 5 top must see concerts this summer {in no particular order}.

1. Aerosmith. Steven Tyler and the boys are working hard on their next album; they haven’t released a record in eight years and with lead man Tyler gaining more popularity by judging contestants on American Idol, their summer tour is sure to be a hit with fans old and new. It’ll be a great mix of attendees and sure to be an amazing show. Their tour kicks off June 16th in Minneapolis, MN.

2. Coldplay. Perhaps one of the most lucrative tours this summer, Coldplay is taking their journey through North America for the first time since 2009. This is one of the biggest tour announcements of the year and the band will knock out 21 cities in Canada and the U.S. in just a couple of months. Seeing as they had such a big gap since their last tour in the states, this is a MUST-SEE for the summer!

3. Black Keys. The Black Keys will be hard to catch this summer in the States but still are not to be missed. Growing quickly to the top of the world’s music charts, The Black Keys sadly went by us, unpopular for years. Now that they are in our face, let’s get in theirs. Go check out their American tour shows. A couple of the cities include May 15 in Minneapolis and May 16th in Milwaukee.

4. Incubus. We’ve loved them since the early 90’s… and since their tour last summer, feared we wouldn’t see them live again for a few years; but alas, they are back! Whether you’ve never seen them in concert or have seen them live 10 times and counting, this summer’s Incubus tour is a Don’t Miss. With a HUGE tour line-up, the boys will be playing May all the way through September.

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their new album isn’t letting any fans down this spring and that is sure to land them on the list of Must-See concerts this summer. This one is going to be huge and RHCP are ready to put on a show for us to see. Amped up from their continuing success, the Chili Peppers have already started their tour in North America, just days ago. Be sure to check tour dates near you.

The 5 must see concerts this summer are going to be a great way to let off the steam for a lackluster winter. Due to the extreme popularity of these shows, tickets will go fast (if not already gone) and be pretty pricey. Be sure to go see your favorite and then support the lesser known acts this summer that you know and love too.


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