Could You Date A High Maintenance Woman?

High maintenance women or “trophy birds” like to be the center of attention. They work out, wear tight revealing clothes, have perfect hair, teeth, and make-up, and they expect to be treated like a princess by a partner. If you have attracted the interest of one such beautiful lady, you may be wondering could you date a high maintenance woman?

It may seem easy work at the start of a relationship, but what about when the outrageous demands come. While trophy birds are pleasing on the eye as they often attract interest from the opposite sex, their image requires hours of maintenance. So if you’re into the fake tanned beauty, chances are you will never get to see her true beauty beneath since many high maintenance women are very insecure. This deep loneliness creates a mask of her true internal beauty, and she prefers to view external beauty as the chief.

Signs of A High Maintenance Woman

  • Shoes: She probably loves Carrie Bradshaw and owns hundreds of Malono Blahnik’s. While this may seen extravagant, perhaps this girl is in debt up to her eyeballs and uses money to cure her feelings of unworthiness.
  • Grooming: Fake tans, false lashes, nail extensions, foundation, lipstick, and waxing are high priority. Since she puts so much effort into her appearance, she may demand for you to wax your chest or change your image.
  • Clothes: She probably owns designer clothes, shoes, and bling jewelry.
  • Calorie counting: Image comes before comfort in the mind of high maintenance women, so she will be more bothered about how she looks than what she eats. She may use pills, potions, or even liposuction to maintain her enviable figure.
  • Plastic Surgery: Many young girls are obsessed with looks and anti-aging products may not provide enough relief. This obsession could create paranoia to the point where she believes there is no other way to reduce the wrinkles then to visit a plastic surgeon.
  • Vanity: There is often over exaggeration in everything she does. It may even take her several hours to get ready to do something as simple as grocery shopping.
  • Trends: She will read fashion magazines and follow all of the latest fashion trends and gather make-up and hair color tips to share with her friends.

While all of the above may seem wonderful news, especially if she chooses to date you, the inability to maintain her level of perfection could eventually put you off, leaving you with the question… “Could you date a high maintenance woman?” Imagine having to constantly answer her insecure questions about whether she looks hotter than so and so. Also, chances are a high maintenance woman may not be much fun in the bedroom since a horny blowjob is often messy, and she desires perfection, so you may end up putting in most of the effort during lovemaking…that’s if she is not too paranoid to reveal her naked body beneath her self-loathing image that she is fat.

Due to her obsession to detail, she may soon make demands on you to change your appearance, clothes, or hairstyle, but could you date a high maintenance women who requested these changes just so you look good on her arm? Constant nagging is unattractive and no fun! And don’t even think about requesting a weekend date camping in the wilderness with a high maintenance girl, since you’ll probably create such a frown she has to visit her favorite salon for emergency botox!


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