Enjoy Alcohol and Still Lose Weight

For successful weight loss, it’s important that you know the effort that is required. Eating one meal a day while slamming down 8 pints is not a very healthy way to lose weight. It’s possible to enjoy alcohol and still lose weight.

Alcohol Is NOT Calorie Free

It’s important to know what you are placing in your body, especially if your aim is to lose weight. Alcohol contains a substantial amount of calories and weight gain will occur if you drink alcohol regularly and do not burn off the carbohydrates from the alcohol sugars. Excess alcohol is the cause of the dreaded beer belly, but it is possible to enjoy alcohol and still lose weight.

Alcohol provides the body with instant energy, however, binge drinking is not healthy for the liver or mind, and it can cause bloating, not to mention a hangover in sensitive individuals. An average glass of sweet wine contains approximately the same calories as a pint of stout.

Why Calorie Counting Is So Effective

If you want successful weight loss and you are not considering the addition of exercise, it is important to take note of the foods and drinks you consume, including alcohol. If you enjoy the occasional glass of wine, chances are it will be burnt off before the evening is out, but if you enjoy a full bottle of wine, this is a substantial addition to your daily calorie quota. If you enjoy 5 to 10 pints of beer each weekend you are adding approximately 1000 to 2000 calories, how do you plan to burn off these extra calories? The calories contained in a 175 ml glass of dry white wine are approximately 130 calories. Sweet wine contains more calories, whilst stout contains the lowest calories per pint. Alcopops contain a heavy amount of sugar and are often higher in calories than most alcoholic beverages.

Regularly drinking alcohol is an easy way to turn off from the big bad world, but it could sabotage your weight loss goals especially if you feel peer pressured to drink while socializing. Try drinking a pint of water in between alcoholic beverages and be kinder to your body.

Alcohol and Food Cravings

Alcohol contains simple sugars, which provide instant energy, but the body could also crave sweet or salty snacks to counteract the fluctuating blood glucose levels in the body. High fat foods become appealing since they soak up the alcohol, but unhealthy food causes bloating and weight gain and could leave you feeling worse.

In addition, alcohol can be destructive to a man’s body since the body produces less testosterone 24 hours after alcohol consumption. It can also effect your sexual performance. Milk thistle is a wonderful liver detoxifier and is a must if you plan to enjoy alcohol and still lose weight. A sluggish liver takes far longer to break down a unit of alcohol than a healthy liver. Take two milk thistle capsules before each alcoholic beverage and the body will be better able to adapt during alcohol consumption.


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