Tips for Sexting: Know Where, When and How to Give Good Text

Talking on the phone has become an archaic practice (unless it is phone sex of course) with communication going the way of 140 typed characters or less. Therefore, along with “Hello” or “What’s for dinner?” you can include “I want to circle your nipples with my tongue” or “Pull your panties down, just halfway”. According to a Self magazine poll, ninety-three percent of their female readers admit to sexting. So what are you waiting for? Use these tips for sexting and you too can throw down some wet inducing words.

Sext before You Address

The last thing you want to do is put in your address destination, write your sext, hit send and then realize you just sent, “My cock is hard and throbbing for you” to your mother. If your phone lets you, always write your sext first and then put in the address. If your phone demands an address first, put in something insignificant like your electric company’s phone number. Then write your sext and change the address to your babe, check it twice and then send it off. You will only have to do this once because when the sexting begins you will be locked in.

Be Careful Where You Sext

There are prying eyes everywhere so try not to sext on a bus or in a crowded area where anyone can peek over your shoulder and read your smutty sendoffs.

Start Out Tepid

Make sure whoever you are sexting will not be offended. Start with some niceties first and then ask some revealing questions like, “I’m trying to imagine what you are wearing right now” or “I sure wish I could be there with you, touching you, kissing you.” If she responds with something sexy then keep it going.

Sexty Pictures

Words are one thing but when you snap a picture of you stroking your oiled up joint, pressing send could be like setting off an air horn. The chances of someone else seeing your big boner is practically inevitable. Unless you are 100% sure your picture is safe, you may want to stick to words or make sure your face is cut out.

Mind Your Sexting Manners

Most women want to read titillating sexts not raunchy, graphic words like cunt, asshole, fuck, slit, tits or bang. The more sensual you can make it the wetter she will get. Remember, men just want to whip it out and plunge it in; women want their brain, their skin, their breath all to be stroked and stimulated. Think the five senses when sexting steamy messages.

Emoticons and Autocorrect

Don’t use emoticons when sexting, it is considered a big turnoff. Also, disable your autocorrect and check your own work. The last thing you want is to have your phone turn your message into “I want to lick your pushy”.

Follow these tips for sexting and you may have to cover your phone in plastic wrap. Keep it simple, imaginative and hot.

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