Things Every Bachelor Should Have in His House

If you’re a bachelor and you have your own place, there are certain items that you absolutely need.  It’s crucial to enjoy some time on your own and you need to appreciate it while you have it.  A guy pad shouldn’t look like a comic book store or some dumb shit like that.  It should be on some James Bond level stuff—classy, sophisticated and so on.  There are definitely some things every guy should have in his house.

Where to begin?  First off, get some expensive sheets—some really expensive, high-quality sheets.  You’ll need two or three different sets of them.  Change them often.  This is for bringing home women.  Clean, high-thread count sheets are a fantastic touch and women will appreciate it.  Nobody likes cheap, rough, nasty sheets.  It probably seems like a detail worth skipping over, but it isn’t.  I personally recommend black sheets, though they do stain relatively easily, they won’t start looking oily.

We’ve got the bed covered (pun sort of intended) so now we can move on to the second most important aspect of bachelor life—boozing.  There are two crucial elements to this here: a bar stocked with liquor and the underrated but equally important barware. Your bar should have some mid to top shelf whisky, vodka, gin, rum and tequila.  Those are the staples.  You should also get some accent stuff like olives, bitters and the like.  Now aside from having some beer and wine in the mini fridge under your bar, you need two bottles of expensive liquor.  Call it your private stock.  It’s a cool bachelor thing to do.  Get yourself all the different types of barware, because it’s crucial.  Clean rocks glasses, martini glasses, beer pints, and so on.  Martini shakers, muddlers and the like.  Now you’re in business.

Lastly, and this is an interesting personal note, if you’re a cool ass bachelor you need some ash trays.  Hear me out on this.  Even if you don’t smoke, ash trays are the perfect way to keep your junk in order—like keys, change, phones, blunt ashes etc.  Buy some interesting, antique, expensive ash trays.  Buy one with a story to it, like an ash tray that Humphrey Bogart used or something.  I swear to God, this is a really cool way to show that you have a little character.  As a bachelor, you probably want to set yourself apart.

This isn’t nearly the most comprehensive guide to bachelor buying—I could go on forever and forever.  But on the real, buy all this stuff and you’ll be on some next level Hugh Hefner lifestyle shit.  It’s cool—the things every bachelor should have in his house.


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