What To Do When She Won’t Let You Have Guy Time

There comes a time in every relationship when a woman starts to take control of her man. It may be in the first few weeks or she may be cool up to right after the honeymoon. Either way, it does cause big problems. You still need to play poker or go golfing but she won’t allow it. There are some things you can do when she won’t let you have guy time that will make it a bit easier on you and produce less fights.

First Tip- think of it as a compliment. Most of the time when women put up such a huge fuss about you going out with the boys is because she sincerely just wants to spend every waking second with you. That can seem a bit obsessive but when you’re in love, that’s just the way it goes. Try to not get so mad right out of the gate next time she says no or acts upset. Instead ask why she doesn’t want you to go and communicate more clearly.

Second Tip- compromise with her. This is an extremely important tip on many different levels. Here are some examples:

• Don’t take advantage of the situation. This means, when you do go out, prove you can do it the right way so she doesn’t get so angry. Don’t stay out until 3am every time, don’t spend too much money, and don’t get so hammered that when you come home you puke in the cat’s litter box.

• Offer her something in return. If you’re going to go out and not invite her, make sure she knows that Friday night she’ll be alone but Saturday you’ll go see that movie she’s been dying to see. Surrender to the Chick Flicks to get a night out with the boys.

• Communicate with her. She hates it when you go out and don’t give her updates. Tell her you promise you’ll call or text her throughout the night when you are taking a break from the poker game or run to the little boys room. She’ll love your kindness and let you go out more often if you don’t ignore her.

Third Tip- Tell her to do the same. Try and make a deal where every time you have a big boy date with your buddies, she gets to go to the spa or the movies with her girlfriends. Say you’ll meet back at the house by midnight and then finish the night together like you should. Letting her go out dancing or for wine while you go to the baseball game is a fair way for her to not feel left out. Encourage her that she needs girl time as much as you need time with the men.

When she won’t let you have guy time, play the game with her. She wants to make sure she’s still loved and that you won’t be cheating nor having too much fun without her. She doesn’t want to be left alone at home doing nothing. Give her a nudge in the right direction and she’ll ease up a bit. Make sure you follow these rules and you’ll have no problem snagging that ‘Man Time’ you so desperately need.


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