Ways To Be An Amazing Boyfriend

Nobody wants a shitty boyfriend—c’mon.  If you’re a rational, normal, sane man who’s in a relationship with a woman then you should probably be wondering how you can be a better boyfriend.  It’s just common sense.  There are a lot of ways to be an amazing boyfriend, some self-evident and some otherwise.  Being a better boyfriend makes life better for everyone involved—you’re happier, she’s happier, your life is happier.  It’s good news dudes.

So where to begin?  Well, in a lot of places actually.  Let’s start with the fiscal section.  The money shot.  Good boyfriends, whether you like to hear this or not, spend some cold hard cash on your girl.  Hook up all the classics—the flowers, the chocolates, the cards, good wine, nice dinners, and vacations.  Being a better boyfriend does involve spending money.  Just do it!  And that’s a nice little segue into our next topic….

Don’t forget important dates.  All of them, even if you think they’re stupid. The  anniversary of your first kiss is probably a crucial one. The anniversary of your first hug, whatever.  That’s where you use all your chocolate gifts and whatnot.  It’s not about how much you spend, but more that you remember the date and show that you care.  It’s just politeness.

But more importantly, being emotionally available for your lady is crucial.  Being a boyfriend is about being there.  If you don’t want to listen or respond, then you shouldn’t even be dating anyone.  You need to listen and respond, and share your feelings.  Devotion, compassion, loyalty—these are qualities that make for an amazing boyfriend.  You need to constantly work hard to exhibit these traits with your partner.  A great boyfriend pays attention, remembers things, and puts his partner before himself.  It’s the key to being a better person overall, not just a better boyfriend.  Seriously, spend a little time and think about it.

There are lot of ways to be an amazing boyfriend.  Some of them are universal and apply to men everywhere, but some are purely personal and between you and your girlfriend.  Relationships are really hard work, and you need to buckle down and seriously consider how you’re going to be the best boyfriend that you can be.  It’s a little corny and a little cliché, but hell, it’s worth the effort.  You’ll end up thanking yourself in the long run.

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