Innocent Words That Turn Women On

Dirty talking is fantastic and effective, at the right time and in the right place.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, not every situation calls for you to go spewing your molten lava of smooth talking to a lady.  Sometimes there are situations that merit something a little more, well, becoming.

Don’t take that to mean that gentlemen can’t turn a woman on.  In fact, it’s totally the opposite—frequently it’s more effect to use innocent words that turn women on.  That’s good news for all of us out here who don’t have dirty mouths.  Here are just a few innocent ways to get you lady going.

Women have an extremely low tolerance for bullshit—they also have a very keen sense of it.  You can’t push bullshit past a woman, because she’ll see it a mile away.  They get tired of it.  So if you want to turn her on, sincerity is your best bet.  Say things you mean, honestly.  She’ll be able to sense your sincerity and she’ll appreciate it.  Trust me, it’s a good decision.

Perhaps this goes without saying, but for those of you who don’t pick up on it—one of the best ways to get your woman going is to compliment her. Sorry to be obvious, but this always works!  You can compliment her by calling her pretty, or beautiful, or something along those lines.  Here’s a good trick, and a little known one, instead of using something like “you’re beautiful”, trying complimenting her on one of her choices.  When you say “I like your outfit” or “your shirt looks gorgeous” you’re complimenting her taste and her looks.  It’s a good call.

Now here’s a little tip that I read in a women’s magazine.  Please don’t ask me when, why, or where I read a women’s magazine—it might have been Cosmo.  In any case, women surveyed, especially those who are married, are turned on by hearing that their husbands did housework.  No seriously.  They were turned on by the fact that their husbands did the dishes or fixed something in the house without being asked.  It’s almost like sexual bartering, which is also an interesting option for spicing things up!

So give it a shot!  You don’t need a filthy mouth to “dirty” talk a woman.  There are plenty of innocent things that you can say to your lady-friend that will get the wheels turning.  Use these innocent words that turn women on, and you’ll be in like Flint.


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