10 Useful Tips to Help You Out: Part 2

Getting a little assistance to glide you along is always a welcome addition. Here is the second installment of 10 useful tips to help you out. Hopefully you will use, pass along or hoard them in your box of greedy little secrets. However, if you are lucky, a woman may be impressed with your useful know-how and drop her knickers just for you.

1. Salty Fuck-Up – You are preparing your first meal to hopefully get your woman horizontal. You become a little overzealous with the salt and now your sautéed vegetables taste like shit. Not to worry, drop in a peeled potato and it will sponge up the excess salt.

2. Remove a Splinter – Before poking at a splinter with tweezers simply press Scotch tape over the area and it will often pull it out. Follow with a swab of alcohol and a band-aid.

3. Clear a Drain, Clean a Toilet – Use three Alka-Setzer tablets dropped into a clogged drain, follow with white vinegar and warm water. The drain should clear. Alka-Setzer is also great for cleaning a toilet. Drop a few tablets in the toilet, leave along for half an hour, then scrub with a brush and flush.

4. Unseal and Seal an Envelope – Play James Bond and sneak a peek at your woman’s mail. Place the sealed envelope in the freezer for a few hours and then gently slide a butter knife under the flap. It will open and be able to be resealed without detection.

5. Neatly Store Cords – Use an empty toilet or paper towel roll (depending on the size you need) to store your appliance cords. You can write on the tube what appliance the cord belongs to.

6. Bloody Clothes – She punched you in the pie hole and you bled on your favorite shirt. Get some hydrogen peroxide, saturate a cloth and scrub. Try to do this as soon as the stain happens.

7. No Window Streaks – Use newspaper and Windex to get your car or home windows clean without streaks. Vinegar also works well.  Never clean windows in the sun, they will dry too fast and inevitable streak. Use vertical strokes when cleaning the outside window and horizontal strokes on the inside so if streaks do appear you can tell where they are.

8. Bachelor Clothes – Don’t let your clothes get stinky. Place fabric softener sheets in your clothing drawers and she will be sniffing you all night long.

9. iPod Volume Amplifier – Do your iPod speakers lack volume strength. Place it in a bowl and hear the volume naturally amplify.

10. Toothpaste Saver – Use a medium or large binder clip to keep your toothpaste tube rolled as it empties. These clips are also great for keeping bags of chips and pretzels closed.

This concludes part 2 of 10 useful tips to help you out. Stay tuned for this series to continue so you can skip through small challenges that may have otherwise resulted in wasted time, money and aggravation.


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