How to Seduce a Stripper

Here’s a newsflash to every guy who wants to know how to seduce a stripper, it takes luck and money. If you are a poor nice guy and think you can get a stripper then dive right in, however you better be in it for the long haul. Strippers are like vipers, they can feel any bad vibrations or guys with no money just by sticking out their tongue. It is a tongue you would rather placed someplace else and it is possible to attain that but it can be a project. Enjoy the hunt and if successful, your game will be mighty tasty.

Pick Your Poison

Which stripper club are you going to hit. The upscale, smoking hot Penthouse club or the I-was-a-cheerleader-in-high-school-forty-year-old-part-time-stripper-with-kids-who-looks-thirty club? There is the middle of the road club too, but whatever you choose, pick one. This will be your target location for a while or until you seduce a stripper.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Decide the best approach. Do you want to be the guy who does not care about strippers who simply comes to take his mind off things or meet a business client? Or do you want to be the throwing around money guy who seems mad all the time (this intrigues strippers because they mostly come from tough backgrounds).

Dress the Part

Make sure you look like you have money. For you poor guys, borrow your rich friend’s suit. You can also get all role play and dress up like a musician, rock star type. Having a little flare can go a long way with strippers that shake their labia in front of businessman drones all day.

Be Funny

Stripper or no stripper, women love to laugh. If you can tell a good joke or be witty without being crass, strippers will consider you the best thing to happen to them since the last time a Franklin was stuffed in their thong.

Show Up Early, Leave Early

When they are working strippers would walk over their own mothers to get to the green. Showing up early catches them in beginning workday mode. They are more willing to accept a drink and chat as long as you don’t act like an idiot. Then, when the feeding frenzy starts, split.

Go Easy With the Ducats

If you are throwing around money playing the mad guy or such, seducing a stripper will eventually turn into hiring her as a hooker. However, if you are crazy and want something else then you can do two things: 1) Never give any money to any strippers and just be the nice guy at the bar before the shift starts and see if you get lucky (you better be real funny) 2) Make sure you give your stripper AND her stripper co-workers money so you don’t create a stripper throw-down.

If you stay visible and friendly without being creepy and rude you should be able to land yourself a hard body beauty that perverts worldwide have been clawing at for Centuries.

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