Romance: Woo Her, Do Her

Most women love romance, most men do not. It is an odd thing for a man to create romance because it does not have any reasoning behind it. It does not do something like a stereo or a car. You cannot even eat or watch romance like a pizza and a ball game. The only thing romance can do for a man is hopefully get his knob polished. Learn how to instill some romance into your game and you will be surprised how many women respond.


Spontaneity is romance’s best friend. If you talk to old married couples it is the ones that can maintain the element of surprise that are still giving each other gum jobs. Spontaneity can be planned (on your end of course) or it can actually happen, well, spontaneously. Either way she will always enjoy your company if deep down she thinks that something will happen out of the ordinary. Here are a few spontaneous, romantic scenarios that just may wow your woman.

• Bring her flowers – Who does this anymore? It may seem old school but women get all clitty over flowers. Show up with a bouquet or one single rose and she will up with a smile.

• Shop – How can shopping be romantic? Well, maybe she has been moaning about needing a new pair of shoes or a dress for that upcoming event. As usual you act as though you don’t give a shit until after dinner when you drive her to the mall and say, “Hey, why don’t you pick something out?” You will hear the wetness begin.

• Homemade Scene – Having the place cleaned, darkened, candlelit and prepared with her favorite meal will make you the poster boy for romance.

• Pull Something Out – Not your cock, not yet. Pulling out tickets to a play, concert or even a plane trip somewhere is the definition of romance.


Romance can also be found in manners. Every woman wants to be treated like a queen and as much as you would rather eat glass, displaying manners is an action that speaks volumes to your woman. Hold open doors, pull out her chair, watch your language, eat with class, give her undivided attention, these are just some moves that will make her feel special.

Listen to Her Talk

Women love to talk. If you check in on her with a phone call in the middle of the day or sit and listen to her recap at night, it can scream romance.


A small gesture of touch such as holding her hand or gently palming the small of her back will send romantic shivers right to her groin.


Many men hate to dance. If you learn how or simply attempt dancing with her at a club or wedding, her romance meter will peak.

Romance takes effort but in the end it can reap many rewards. She will always look at you with a light in her eyes, you will make her friends jealous and hopefully, she will polish your knob to completion.


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