How To Get Head More Often

Getting a blowjob is something that comes and goes in a relationship and it seems the longer you are with someone, the less you get that treat. There are a few reasons for this; the biggest being- for a woman, giving head isn’t that much fun. It normally doesn’t taste good, smell good, feel good, or do anything for us sexually at all. If you want to know how to get more head, you need to do some things for us too.

Keep it clean. Seriously, even if you showered earlier in the day, you are not 100% fresh at the end of it. If you know you’re going to be hinting for head in a bit, go shower up. Rinse the soap off thoroughly too. Make sure you don’t have a jungle down there, the only thing worse than gagging on your penis is gagging on your pubic hair! As if the bad taste and smell wasn’t bad enough, we don’t need little hairs freaking us out too. The cleaner and better smelling, the more likely she will willingly give you head on a regular basis.

Ask! Listen, if we don’t ask you to massage our shoulders, you wouldn’t.  If you don’t ask for head, we won’t. If you ask nicely and deserve the reward you’ll most likely get what you seek. After you have put in a little foreplay, say something like ‘hey babe, I could really use some head right now’. If you ask, it’s harder for us to say no.

Give then receive. Make sure you’re earning the blowjob. We won’t just keep giving you head if you aren’t satisfying us emotionally or physically. Be a good boyfriend or husband, show you care about our pleasure in bed, and then get ballsy and ask for the blowjob you want. If she gives you what you want, make it worth her while; reciprocate by going down on her, or spending the extra time to get her to orgasm. You can even send her flowers the next day at work…hey, whatever it takes right?!

Praise her talent! There is nothing better than knowing we’re the best you’ve had. Whenever she gives you head, glorify her skills and thank her over and over. Tell her what about her technique you like so much and say how much you appreciate her paying so much attention to you and your Mister. The more you praise her, the more she’ll crave the compliments, thus leading to more head for you.

Basically, the answer of how to get more head is multiple step process. If you make it worth her while by giving back, complimenting her, and making it fresh and clean to work with, it shouldn’t be too hard to get it more often. Ask her for what you want and communicate clearly why and when you need some extra attention. If you’re honest in why you want and need it, it’ll be difficult for her to turn you down.

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