Tips For When You Don’t Know How To Be A Good Boyfriend

Are you one of those guys who has dated on and off and never successfully kept a relationship going strong simply because you don’t know how to be a good boyfriend? Or maybe you’ve never been in a serious relationship at all but have just started dating the girl of your dreams and don’t want to blow it. Either way, there are some basic things you need to know so that you can be the boyfriend she deserves.

First of all… tune into your emotions. I know this sounds like you’d be losing your man points but if you truly want to keep a girl in your life, she needs to know that you are real and that you can openly and honestly communicate your feelings and emotions to her. We don’t want you to be too emotional nor do we want a Mama’s Boy but we do need to know that you’re mature and kind enough to share stuff with us when you need and want to.

Second of all… put us first. Again, this may seem like another big task and like you’re giving up your old life- which you kind of are. If you want this to be a long term deal that means this girl will eventually be your fiancé, wife, and mother of your kids; so put her at the top of your list. Don’t ever ditch her for a night with the guys. You can still go out and have your man time but don’t ever break a promise to her or make her feel neglected.

Third of all… make her feel special, sexy, and beautiful. These things are all different but all the same. I know; we are a confusing species. Don’t lose the romance and continue to surprise her randomly (not all the time) with little gifts such as a single rose or a home cooked meal. Make her feel sexy by telling her how great she looks, giving her physical attention that isn’t always connected to getting head, and then when you DO get head, give back to her too! Making her feel beautiful is extremely important. This can mean telling her she looks beautiful in her sweats to keeping eyes only on her during a dinner at a crowded restaurant.

If she’s the right girl, knowing how to be a good boyfriend will come more naturally but not always easy. Finding out what it is that women want can be tricky and not always a fun task to complete but sticking to the basics always works. Give her the compliments as you think of them, let her see your soft side, and put her ahead of the rest and show you want to be with her for the long haul. If you do all of these things the rest will come with ease and you should have no problem being the boyfriend of her dreams.

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