Use Good Hygiene To Gain Her Respect

If you have a hot date with the girl of your dreams, you are probably feeling nervous as hell inside. Use good hygiene to gain her respect, as she’s likely made as much effort to look and smell good. If you are prone to body odor, take a shower beforehand, but don’t go overboard on the body spray or cologne, as your natural pheromones will have no chance of playing cupid!

  • Good Toilet Hygiene: The last thing you want to do is to destroy her confidence in you, especially if you take a whizz at her home and leave the toilet seat up. For God’s sake, if you are planning to take it further that night, aim to take a number two at home rather than her home. And if you’re nervous and can’t stop visiting the toilet, aim your pee in the hole rather than at the lavatory seat. In a woman’s eyes, there is something unhygienic about leaving the toilet seat up, so if you do leave a mess every time you piss, clean it up and make an effort to change your toilet habits in the future.
  • Bad Breath: Hopefully the above doesn’t happen to you and you’re well prepared on your hot date. If you’ve managed to cure your body odor with an effective body spray or deodorant, the next worry is bad breath. Chewing gum is always a safe option since there are so many tasty flavors, but strong mints are also an effective choice. If you suffer from halitosis, you could try brushing your tongue after brushing your teeth. Another effective option is to take the super food algae Spirulina, which is available in a capsule or powder form. It contains more protein than red meat and is also a whole food meaning that it contains all of the eight essential amino acids required by the human body.
  • Clean Genitals: Keeping the genitals clean is probably also high on your agenda, as women also go through the rigmarole of wondering if they smell lush down below. If you are uncircumcised, ensure that you clean underneath the foreskin thoroughly. There are many ways to use good hygiene to gain her respect, and kissable breath, good toilet hygiene, and genital hygiene are just three of the most important items to consider.


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