Premature Ejaculation Exercises: Think of Baseball

istock_000006923195xsmallPremature ejaculation exercises exist and they can be highly effective in solving P.E. problems. And these will tell you that, sometimes, P.E. is caused by the mind or an emotional complex. While there is truth in this, this also leads to one of the worst delusions about premature ejaculation exercises and effective treatments.

You have probably heard that if a man, whether he has P.E. or not, can simply dissociate himself from the sexual act mentally when he approaches his orgasm he can prevent climax and thus prevent ejaculation and, thus, be able to have much more stamina in bed. You may have heard of the “sage” advice to men: when you’re approaching orgasm, think of last night’s baseball box scores.

This is not part of legitimate premature ejaculation exercises. Thinking of non-sexual images while actually having sex is not going to do anything at all but diminish your mental and emotional pleasure in the act. Ejaculation is an instinctive response, and when a man’s climax is coming on if he does not take some kind of physical action to stop it before he reaches his “point of no return” he will ejaculate and then go flaccid for a while. You cannot think of baseball, or taking out the trash, or what’s going on at the office, or anything else and expect that to stop you from ejaculating. Indeed in the words of noted physician and physiologist Dr. William Ganong, M.D., “Ejaculation is a two-part spinal reflex…” A reflex, by definition, is not and does not require a conscious thought.

The legitimate way in which controlling your thoughts can affect your tendency to prematurely ejaculate or not is by removing your source of arousal from your attention. However, this only works if you are NOT physically stimulating yourself sexually–and that may include even removing yourself from the company of a “hot” woman or putting away that Playboy magazine, because in some men, such as some who suffer from P.E., visual stimulation alone can be enough to trigger climax and ejaculation. This is why “wet dreams” occur: a male has a dream that sexually stimulates him to the point of ejaculation even though he was asleep and not touching his penis.

So, clearly, no premature ejaculation exercises that include “thinking of baseball” while still engaging in the sexual act or being sexually stimulated are going to work. They are mere fish stories.

But for many men, the reason they suffer from P.E. is because of low levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin acts to inhibit electro-chemical signals that go from the spine to the brain. Low levels of serotonin in the brain can cause central nervous system overstimulation problems such as paranoia and depression–and, yes, premature ejaculations, since ejaculation is a “two-part spinal reflex”. When the electro-chemical signals shoot up from the spine to the hippocampus, the primal brain that controls autonomic and automatic responses and functions in the body returns a signal that it’s time to ejaculate.

Therefore, if you are suffering from P.E., one of the first things you should check into is the possibility that a serotonin supplement could solve your problem, instead of being told to do premature ejaculation exercises that just won’t work for you.

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