3 Female Orgasm Myths

Well, it’s one of the most confusing and controversial topics of sex between men and women: Female Orgasms. Can they really have them? If so, can they have multiple orgasms? Does size really matter? Every woman is different when it comes to an orgasm. But there is some scientific and factual information that applies to every woman even if they may not have found the key to success yet. Here are some female orgasm myths that men can use for future sexual romps.

Myth #1 Size Matters- Good news!!! This isn’t true! Having a large penis may increase pleasure for some women just as a tight vaginal area may be preferred by a male, but it is not a solid factor in getting her to cum. The real trick is finding out the speed, angles, and pressure, that make her hit her stride and able to orgasm during sex or foreplay.

Myth #2 Some Women Can’t Orgasm- If she’s trying to make you (or herself) feel better by saying she just isn’t able to cum, she’s lying or just simply doesn’t know how. Some studies have shown that 10% of women say they have NEVER reached an orgasm or have before and are now unable. This has nothing to do with physiologically not being able to cum. A lot of women in this position either haven’t masturbated (the most common way for women to orgasm and find out what works for them), have had some sort of stressful experience which is causing her to block out pleasure, or is not getting proper stimulation. Clitoral stimulation is commonly known as the most important factor for a woman to cum. Very few of us can cum without it.

Myth #3 Women Take Way Longer To Orgasm- This can actually be true a lot of times, but it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility for women to cum quickly.  Just as a stereotype goes, this may be the case most of the time but in fact it is not proven or true in any way. If a woman is receiving the right pleasure, hitting her G-spot, getting clitoral or emotional stimulation, or whatever else she needs, her orgasm can happen just as fast a man’s, or even faster. When a woman masturbates she knows her body well and some women can cum in less than a minute, just as a male can when he is alone or highly stimulated by intercourse or oral sex.

I guess the bad news is that yes, we are all different and it can take a long time to figure your partner out and help her to orgasm; more so, it may never happen, but that is very unlikely. The goood news is that we all can, we can do it fast, and your size doesn’t matter. CELEBRATE! Taking the time to figure out what gets her to cum can take some work but practice makes perfect. Once you figure out what makes her tick it will be easier from there on out. Plus, the practice is a treat in itself.

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