STDs: 7 Common Times You’re Not Safe When You Think You Are

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) effect a staggering number of men and women and the scary thing is, most people are not aware of how they are contracted, or even if they have them. Many misconceptions of STDs lead people to think they are safe during certain sex acts when in fact, they are not. STDs are something to be taken extremely seriously in every situation and these 7 facts will help.

When You’re Not Safe:

#1 Oral Sex- Many males get off from oral sex to ensure a woman doesn’t get pregnant or to avoid STDs but you aren’t safe here. Multiple STDs such as HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia are spread from partner to partner during oral sex.

#2 Condoms- You may have the thickest latex you can afford but that won’t necessarily help you stay STD free. The dirty diseases like syphilis can still sneak through and affect your penis even though it’s all wrapped up. The best way to deter an STD is to make sure you know and trust your partner is clean and has been tested regularly.

#3 Anal- That’s right guys, all 3 areas of entrance for your penis can spread or receive STDs. Herpes and other STDs are just as likely to pass to you or your partner through anal as they are in vaginal sex. Don’t try anal just because you think you’re being safe, it’s a myth.

#4 Dry Sex/Humping- Just because you’re going the high school route and taking things slow, doesn’t mean you’re free from danger. HPV and crabs can be contracted through skin on skin contact. If you’re starting to think there’s nothing you can do sexually without risk, you’re probably right.

#5 Sex Toys- You never know how clean someone really is, or isn’t. If she pulls out a sex toy to share instead of having sex, it may seem great but can spread nasty infections you didn’t know she had. HIV and herpes are just a few that can travel through the fun but dangerous toys.

#6 When You Have No Symptoms- Not all STDs come in the form of crabs (pubic lice), genital warts, or a leaking penis. STDs such as gonorrhea, HIV, and Chlamydia may never show symptoms. This is why being tested and trusting a partner is such a huge preventive.

#7 Abstinence- Yes, it’s true. Being abstinent from all sexual activity is still no Safe Haven. STDs can be passed through drug needles being shared, tattoo needles that aren’t properly cleaned, and shared clothing or bed sheets. Crabs which are lice on your pubic hair can simply be contracted through sharing sheets with your sex partner. Herpes has even been known to spread through kissing.

Trust us, we are not here to scare you or stop you from having all the kinky sex your heart (and penis) desires; we just want you to be informed, prepared, and cautionary. She may be the hottest thing in the bar, but is it really worth contracting an ugly disease that can’t be treated? Be careful who you choose and you can still have all the fun that you want.


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