What NOT To Say To Your Girlfriend

Have you been wondering why you are in the dog house so much lately? Or maybe you just got a girl and don’t want to screw things up. The thing is, when it comes to what NOT to say to your girlfriend, it can be an unlimited subject. To ensure you really stay out of deep shit with her, just don’t say these following 5 things and the rest you’ll figure out on your own!

Dog House Saying #1: “Just Relax” or “Calm Down”
Nothing in the world is worse than when a guy tells a woman to relax, chill, settle, simmer, or calm down during a fight or when she’s stressed. We are not dogs and we are not children. This shows disrespect and shows that you have no clue on how to manage the situation!  Try a more adult approach when getting her to ‘relax’ like a hand on her shoulder or ‘can we just take a break for a minute so we can both cool down?’ This one tops the list.

Dog House Saying #2: “I don’t care, you pick”
Now, you may THINK you are being nice by letting her decide something you are discussing but in fact this phrase irritates most women. Why? Well, it tells us that you are uninterested, uneducated, and uninvolved in any decision making together. Whether it’s picking a movie to see or a new puppy, you need to show her you care about what you do together. If you really don’t want to choose just give a little input. Try saying, “well I kind of wanted to see this movie but I want this night to be about you so maybe we can go to that movie and see mine next time”. Show you are interested…EVEN A LITTLE!

Dog House Saying #3: “Did you have your period?”
Seriously. Let’s get over using this in fights. It will never get you anywhere good and is really unfair. We don’t want to be that way during our menstrual cycles but it’s the nature of the beast and using it against your girlfriend will never work for you. Just leave it alone and try another tactic.

Dog House Saying #4: “What size do you wear?”
C’mon guys! When shopping for lingerie or just clothes for her birthday, never ask her size. If she’s average go with small, she can return it. If you really don’t know, LOOK IN HER CLOSET! Sneak a peek at her laundry and check the tags for evidence. There is no reason you should ever have to ask.  She will feel annoyed, self-conscious, and sad you didn’t figure it out on your own.

Dog House Saying #5: “Anything defending an Ex-girlfriend”
For this one there is no specific no-no… it’s just ALL NO! If she sees a picture of the old flame and says she’s ugly, do NOT say “well, she was way hotter when we were together”. These kinds of defensive remarks about your ex will not leave her mind. She will get jealous, worried, and suspicious. THERE IS NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT YOUR EX-GIRLFRIEND, EVER!

Figuring out what not to say to your girlfriend can be tricky yes, but these five are some big rules to follow. Avoid the obvious pitfalls like did you gain weight?, I hate shopping with you, you make me miserable, etc. Fight clean, not dirty. And remember, no matter how made we get… never say RELAX!

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