What You Can Do If Your Girlfriend Sucks In Bed

The early months spent in bed with a partner are the best ever, but after the honeymoon period comes the routine, unless you are a wild and spontaneous couple. You may wonder what you can do if your girlfriend sucks in bed. She could look like a supermodel, but if she’s not overenthusiastic during blowjobs or riding you on top past midnight, it is time to give her some hints.

Pretend: State that you have a stomach ache or you’re too fatigued to play after dark. If women can make excuses to avoid sex or blowjobs then men can too. Yawning every couple of minutes can create that exact mood, and then you won’t have to pretend you’re enjoying yourself during sex.

Subtly Inquire: Conversing about your likes and dislikes intimately is always a good step if you find that you constantly have to make excuses to avoid sex with your girlfriend. Ask her if she would like to you to fulfill a lifelong fantasy, and then fulfill this wish. A loving girlfriend will want to learn about your likes and dislikes and attain your desire.

Porn Magazines: Leave out the porn magazines on purpose so you will receive a thorough ear bashing from her. If she is not comfortable with this situation, she may resort to desperate measures and give you a night to remember to take your mind off sexy women. Use porn magazines to your advantage. Ask her if she would watch a porn with you. If she is very content in her sexuality, this should not raise an eyebrow, but many women will take offense since she wants you to view her as the sexiest woman alive. Watching a porn movie together could draw out her fertile imagination.

Make Up Sex: There is something strangely hot about having a heated argument and knowing the make-up sex is going to be so much spicier then usual. Argue about something petty. Wind her up to the max and then slip your fingers into her scalp. Unless she has steam coming out of her head and hits you where it hurts, she will soon be putty in your hands. Massage her neck, scalp, and ears until she is creaming in her panties.

Masturbate: Directly masturbating in front of her may not be on top of your agenda, but if she can watch you in action she can learn how you like to be touched. This is an excellent way of detailing how you like to be sucked and pulled.

If you are wondering what you can do if your girlfriend sucks in bed, those were some quick tips on what you can do right away. The trick to a good sex life is discovery of likes and dislikes and fulfilling these urges.

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