Please a Woman in Bed: Turn the Knobs and Pull the Levers

Trying to please a woman in bed can be like poking a sleeping polar bear in the eye or getting a car to start in subzero temperature. It takes time, patience, ingenuity, creativity, sensuality, compassion and anything else you can throw into your bag of tricks to get her off. Take some of these pointers below and try them out. You should be able to get the juices flowing and her eyes rolling back in her head just enough to have her glance at you later, with a coy smile, for yet another round.

The Setting

Few women will lie down in the filth and muck of your man cave and spread their legs, therefore you have to set the stage. Make sure there are clean sheets, candlelight, incense, music and whatever else you think will melt her down. Be scrubbed clean, halitosis and B.O. free, hanging hair trimmed and be sure and clip your fingers and toenails. Seduce her with wine, chocolate, her favorite food, jewelry, pot and anything else to have her escape her chattering mind.


Once you make it to the bedroom you better know your female anatomy and not grope at her like a caveman in heat. It will take some work to relax her body (even if you know one another for years). Try out different sensual body parts and see if you get a response. Here are a few moves:

• Kiss Her Face – Saving the best for last, graze your lips over hers and instead gently press them onto her forehead, eyelids, ears, cheeks, jaw and chin while at the same time raking your fingers through her hair. Then go in for the suck face.

• Sweet Spots – Using your hands, tongue, lips and teeth you can target some sweet spots (a/k/a erogenous zones) which include her neck, shoulders, elbow crease, inside wrists, front hips, lower back, inner thighs and back of her knees.

• Home Run Points – These are the obvious locations. Circle your tongue around her nipples, then when she can’t take it anymore lick and gently nibble her nipples. Slide your mouth down her body to her vagina. Take your time here. Kiss it, lick it, spread it and insert your tongue and fingers. Find her clitoris by gently pulling back the hood and starting slow, lap away. Note: Do not change up your move if she is responding favorably. Many women complain that when they are close to orgasm the man tries something different and stops it.


Moans and positive affirmations like, “Oh you smell so good”, “You really turn me on”, all go far in turning her on.

Kink It

A gentle spanking or tug of the hair can go a long way. Blindfolding her is very sensual along with some light bondage.

Making sure you please a woman in bed rather than go with the same moves you learned at seventeen is important. Get confident, get manly and take charge of turning those knobs and pulling those levers.

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