The Do’s and Don’ts of Making a Sex Tape

You have been blasting off to things like babysitter, creampie and MILF porn for some time now and suddenly it has you thinking, “Maybe I could make my own video?” Seeing yourself in action can be a real turn-on. It can also be a major turnoff. When you decide to get your porn on, here are the do’s and don’ts of making a sex tape so you avoid embarrassing yourselves. Remember: There is good naked and there is bad naked.

The Do’s

• Do Good Quality – Get yourself a good video camera and plenty of light. Practice recording each other simply having a conversation and play it back for image and audio re-adjustment.

• Do Sexy Wardrobe – She may be self conscious about her stomach or ass therefore putting her in an easy access nightie or lingerie will make her feel sexy.

• Do Trim Up – Trim the bush and other unwanted hair that might be a turnoff to watch.

• Do some Rehearsal – Do you want to role play a scene (you can even write a script), use toys or simply sit on the edge of the bed, start kissing and improvise?

• Do Set Boundaries – Make sure you both agree on what you want seen before you start rolling. Is she okay with full backside exposure or getting covered in your man syrup or would she rather decide on specific positions she is more comfortable with. If you are paranoid of exposure, sometimes it is fun to wear masks or crop out your faces altogether.

• Do Decide What to Do With It – Maybe you want to view it a few times and then destroy it or keep it in a lock box forever. If you break up, agree on its obliteration.

The Don’ts

• Don’t Use Cell Phones – Recording a sex tape on a cell phone will not only look bad but it is almost inevitable that it will be seen by others.

• Don’t Film in Low Light – Trying to keep it sexy with candlelight will make your entire effort a complete waste of time. You will end up with a video full of bad moaning shadows.

• Don’t Talk – Sexy moans are good but if you are talking or giving direction all sexiness goes out the window.

• Don’t Forget to Shut Down – Shut off cell phones, house phones, doorbells and whatever else so filming can commence, uninterrupted.

• Don’t Ever Film Without Her Knowing – If you decide to get some candid content, make sure you are prepared for her wrath to come down on you hard.

• Don’t Ever Tell Anyone – Once someone knows, everyone knows, period.

The do’s and don’ts of making a sex tape are a simple outline to start filming your best moves in action. It can be fun foreplay for years to come. Also, be careful when you watch it alone and suddenly realize you are jacking the same dick you are watching. Profound.

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