Why Open Relationships Can Work

It is hard to be committed to one woman when there is T & A everywhere practically begging you to dive in. Men are wired for procreation not feelings and emotions. That is why the woman we fall in love with teaches us how to get in touch with our inner sentiments but when we look at other women all we want to do is fuck. So what is a guy supposed to do? Make do with the same pussy for the rest of his life while jacking to porn on the side ? Or step into another world? A world of sharing. Here are a few reasons why open relationships can work.

Ground Rules

Obviously you would have to be an idiot to think that your woman never gets turned on by other guys (or even other women!). There is no room for hiding or secrets in an open relationship which is the whole reason to have one in the first place. Once you have discussed some honest turn-ons then discussing the possibility of an open arrangement is possible. When you get to this point, consider using one or more of these ground rules:

  • Always practice safe sex
  • Advanced agreement of planned outside sex is mandatory
  • Do not have sex with anyone in your circle
  • No kissing
  • Sex can only be had as a threesome
  • Sex can never be had at home while one partner is not there
  • Never discuss our open status with anyone


Decide whether you want to discuss your escapades or if you want to keep them to yourselves. Sometimes just knowing that your partner is happy and still comes home to you is enough. Other times, if you can handle it, learning certain sexual moves from others can be implemented into your own sex life. Also, make sure you never use your outside trysts as ammunition when having an argument (i.e. “At least she swallows!” or “Why can’t we do anal, all the women I pickup love it”)

Save the Feelings for Each Other

Another important thing in an open relationship is to be able to keep your feelings at bay. As long as you and she are able to simply have physical fun with someone else (alone or together) that is fine, but the minute you start confiding in your playmates it takes it to a whole other level. If feelings for your sideline escapades begin to arise, discuss them with your partner before it is too late to go back.

The reasons why open relationships can work mainly depend on two people being confident with their bodies, their sexuality and their relationship. Separating feelings from just another body is essential because, although men are not the most emotional beings, we still need to come home to someone we know has got our back.

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