Dating: How To Ask Her Out By Location

Girls are complicated.  Sex is complicated.  Dating is complicated.  It seems like everything that men need advice about is supremely complex.  As the late, and great, Kurt Vonnegut would say, “so it goes.”  And so it does go, but that doesn’t excuse any poor advice—this specifically deals with dating—how to ask her out.

You need some advice on how to ask her out on a date—the beginning of dating isn’t the easiest part of the process by any means, but it also doesn’t fall under the category of most difficult either.  The beginning can actually be the best part of the whole process, though for your sake I hope it isn’t.

The way you approach a women is predicated particularly on the way you meet this woman.  We’ll go by location here:

Bar: This sort of place is a breeding ground for skeeze.  You need to embrace the skeevy environment AND transcend the skeezy atmosphere.  This is difficult, but not impossible.  You want to seem casual, not pervy, not too creepy, but relaxed and comfortable.  Confidence is key, but you can’t be pushy.  The approach is difficult—though doable.

Coffee Shop: The environment of a place like a coffee shop possesses a different tone than that of a bar.  Here, you should have more of a smile.  The trick to this is probably wit.  You want to be wittier than at a bar.  I’m not going to generalize, but people in coffee shop are probably smarter than people at bars.  You should be too.  Bring a book with you or your computer.

Home Depot:  This is where you want to meet women!  For real!  This means they’re into houses, or they’re looking for a man with a house.  Have a house!  Buy some supplies!  It’s the breeding ground for domestic bliss.

The Apple Store: This shits hip.  She’ll be wearing glasses, maybe she works there, you’ll be buying a new neoprene laptop case.  She listens to Sleigh Bells, you like The Pixies.  You both have tattoos.  Easy-peasy baby.

In the Bathroom: What are you doing in the ladies bathroom?  What is she doing in the mensroom?  Don’t approach her.  Leave quickly.  Or wait…uh…maybe it’s meant to be?  Meow.

Dating—how to ask her out, as explained by the location of your meeting.  Hopefully she’ll be your wife someday.

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