The Do’s and Don’t’s When Wearing Cologne

Cologne, and his good friend deodorant, are the reason many of us human beings exist in the first place.  Like that one Old Spice commercial, ya know?  It’s a masculine scent that can bring out the best in people.  Spritz it up on a good night and it will work wonders for you.  It’s good for work, good for dates, good for the whole world.  But if you’re going to hook up this correctly, then you certainly need to know the do’s and don’ts when wearing cologne.

Do: Pick a Scent—There are two schools of thought on this one.  You either pick one single scent and wear it day in and day out, or you pick a few and rotate them.  Pick a single scent, and the more you wear it, the more people identify you with that particular scent.  It’s funny, one time I dated this girl who wore a certain perfume—and then my physics teacher wore the exact same perfume. The second I realized that smell I thought my girlfriend was there.  Weird, and interesting!

Don’t: Wear Too Much—Boy is this one a rule that everybody seems to break.  Everyone wears too much cologne.  You don’t want to be able to smell someone for six city blocks away.  It reeks so badly.  It smells like a middle school locker room.

Don’t: Use Body Spray—This works for young people, but adults don’t wear Axe.  It’s for kids.  Teenagers.  Men wear real cologne.  Gucci, Burberry, that sort of thing.  You’ll feel like a man if you wear a manly cologne.

Do: Put it On Correctly— Don’t just waft it all over your face.  You spray it on one wrist, then rub it in to the other wrist.  Then use both your wrists to rub some cologne behind your ears and on your neck.  Now use the bottle to spray a bit behind your collar.  NOW, you’re in business.

Don’t: Let Your Cologne Expire—This one is also from personal experience, cologne does expire and it gets gross.  If you dose it correctly, you won’t run out too quickly or have too much left over by the time it expires.

So now you’re a cologne expert.  It’s an art worth mastering. You’ll start making new friends and have new dates. Now that you’ve got the do’s and don’ts when wearing cologne, you’ll be a whole new man.


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