Get Her Into Your Hobbies: Tricks To Get Her To Do What You Want!

One of the most common arguments between couples is ‘what to do today’. Marriages divorce because of it, relationships end, and fights ensue much more than they need to. If you want to know how to get her into your hobbies so you can do what you want, with her enjoying it, follow these tips.

Explain Your Interest. If a woman simply thinks a man’s hobby is barbaric or pointless, you need to let her know why she’s wrong. If your wife gets annoyed that you love doing stuff she doesn’t understand, help her realize why it is so important to you. Does she know why you are obsessed with Star Wars and want her to watch it all the time? Tell her how you and your dad bonded over the movies when you were a kid, teaching you to be a better man. Describe what scenes hold deep meaning to you. If she doesn’t get why hunting is so important in your life, fill her in! Sit her down and share with her why you find it fun and exhilarating. Making a pointless hobby hold meaning will help any woman become more understanding and want to be a part of it. Now that she knows it is special to you… she’ll want in on the action.

Put Her Into Action. So she hates baseball season huh? Shocker. For starters, she probably doesn’t understand the rules of the game or know any players. Taking her to a baseball game in person may help her get into it. Seeing the live fans, smelling the hotdogs and peanuts, seeing you light up; it may just work. If she doesn’t get why you have to golf every Sunday, take her with you! You want her to stop nagging and start enjoying… so surprise her with a sneaky trip to your favorite course. Rent a cart and let her drive while having a cocktail. Teach her to hit the ball and putt, and make her feel special. Instead of just asking them to accept your hobbies or do them with you, MAKE THEM! Drag them along one time and make sure to keep explaining why you love it and that it is so much better when they are with you.

Compromise. Every situation requires give and take. You can’t make her play PlayStation, go rock climbing, or sit through a hockey game if you don’t show that you’ll give back. Tell her if this Sunday you go to the batting cages, next week you’ll go see her chick flick. Let her know you’ll buy her popcorn and then when you get there, hold her hand. Showing that you can compromise with her will make her feel a little guilty she was so hard on you and let you do the things you want to do!

These tips to get her into your hobbies will make you a happier man and make your partner happier too. When you open up and share your interests together you make a better couple and hold a stronger bond.


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