Get Your Girlfriend Back: Play It Smart

Someone made a mistake when you split and now she’s your ex. Whether it was you or her that walked away, or even a mutual decision, you’ve realized it was wrong and you need her back. How to get your girlfriend back can be a tricky thing, and may never happen, but if you think there is hope, there most likely is. Follow some of these tips and you could be well on your way to landing her back in your heart.

#1 Assess the Damage- To determine how hard you’ll need to work to repair this relationship you’ll need to look back at how horribly it ended. Make sure you take a deep look into the few days leading up to the break up and even the month or so before. Were there warning signs? Is there a lot of emotional damage you caused her that you didn’t even realize? Remember things she said in the heat of the moment when you spilt ways and take them seriously. Disregarding this information because you disagree will get you nowhere.

#2 Ditch The Mind Games- Acting like an asshole won’t work. Pretending as though you are happy without her, parading around new girls at the bar, and flirting with her friends on Facebook is a DUMB DUMB DUMB IDEA! Even IF this did work, it would be for the wrong reasons and you’re second ending will be more miserable than your first. Be a man and skip those games that will only lead to both of you getting hurt…again.

#3 Swallow Your Pride- Even if you think you’re right about everything, if you want her back you’re going to have to back down. Admitting that you’re wrong sometimes and understand why she feels how she does is an important part to showing growth and proving you can really change. Make sure she also takes responsibility for her faults but let her know that you realize where she is coming from and want to work on the negative.

#4 Rekindle The Flame- How did you meet your ex-girlfriend? What did you do on your first date? How did you say I love you the first time? Look back on what made your relationship so special in the beginning and try to redo some of that spark. If you met at a local bar, send her a rose to work with a stack of coasters from there. If you went to a movie on your first date, send her your favorite lines from it through a text or to her work with a personalized note. Being romantic and putting the effort and thought into this will only remind her of why she loved you so much to begin with.

Whatever the reason you broke up, you’ll need to work on that when you get your girlfriend back. The biggest mistake couples make the second time around is ignoring their old problems. Follow these steps and she could be back in your life before you know it.




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