How Can I Get A Girlfriend: The ‘UPs’ To Your Success

If you’re sitting at home wondering ‘how can I get a girlfriend?’ the answers aren’t that difficult. Even if you think you’re never going to find the right girl, that you’re bound to be alone forever, or you just are having bad luck, hope is around the corner. Following these simple ‘Ups’ can not only make you become a better man, but will help you land that girl you’ve been staring down at the gym for so long.

Shape Up: This tip not only refers to the physical act of getting in shape but also shaping up your looks in every way. A healthier you is a happier you and a happier you is a more confident you. Getting your ass in gear (literally) and hitting the gym, joining a basketball group, or starting to hike more can get you looking better and feeling like you have more to offer. Plus, a woman who sees a man with a hobby or goals will be more attracted to you right off the bat.

As for the Unphysical side of things, CLEAN UP! It’s time to start taking yourself seriously. No more running to the grocery store or mall in sweats and dirty clothes. You could meet your new girlfriend anywhere and you should always be ready to pounce when you see Mrs. Right. If you’re looking good, clean, and fresh all the time you have no excuse not to go up to the girl and snag that first date!

Grow Up: Rarely do women want boys to date, to love, and to have sex with. Women want men. If you’re stuck in an Xbox phase or too obsessed with hanging out at your old college bar with your boys, you’re unlikely to find your match. It’s time to start changing your scene to more grown up hang outs and time to put the dirty joke book in the garbage. Women love humor but childish or sexual jokes can come across juvenile and awkward for many of us. Try going out with just one of your married friends instead of all your single guy friends and she just may come to you instead of you having to drop the pick- up line.

Man Up: Think of this old phrase ‘confidence not cockiness’. No woman likes an egotistical male so acting too proud can rub us the wrong way. Be confident in who you are and what you can give to the women you have your eye on. Once you follow the first two Ups, this will more naturally fall into place. Also, ‘playing hard to get’ is for WOMEN not men. Playing games and trying to get her by acting uninterested might have worked in high school or your early college years, but not now. If you want her- tell her! Skip the pick-up line and go tell her your name. The best way to approach women and talk to women is by being truthful and down-to-earth. If it’s natural it will go a lot smoother and hopefully lead to more.

Now that you know the Ups on how to get a girlfriend you can start putting them into play. These things, as said before, will not only help you become a more rounded person but also a good catch as well.

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