Tips to Sleep with a Virgin: Be Remembered Forever

Sex for the first time can be a daunting experience. Insecurities and fears are often at the forefront making it a recipe for the disaster. When you are having sex with someone and it is their first time, some rules should be followed. These tips to sleep with a virgin will help you create the perfect scenario while becoming the name, forever embedded, in the “He Was My First” hall of fame.

The Search

Finding a virgin these days is not an easy thing to do. Most women lose it early on and end up tattooed, thong wearing, sex maniacs. When you meet a woman (the legally younger, the better) listen carefully to her answers when sex conversation arises. If she seems like she’s lacking knowledge of some basic things then she may very well be a virgin.


Once you find a virgin it may take some time before you get to dip it. Unless you are some psycho that wants another virgin notch in your belt, it takes time and patience. Therefore, you will hopefully like her and commit to the long haul. Eventually, discussions of sex will arise and it is your job to LISTEN. Understanding her fears and concerns will build the trust she needs to make you ‘the one’. You can also map out where and when you will have sex so as to give her a visual of what to expect.


Having a non-allergenic silicone lube on hand can help tremendously. Many first-timers are so nervous they dry right up.


This is essential for a virgin. Throwing her down, slapping on some lube and power thrusting will not work. You must deep kiss, lick, suck, massage and anything else you can think of for a good thirty-minutes or more to relax and turn her on.

Keep the Humor

Through all the discussions and foreplay keeping her laughing will go a long way in making her feel at ease when things possibly get uncomfortable.


When the hymen (a thin membrane wall deep in the vagina) is broken, there could be bleeding. Some women break their hymen on their own through masturbation or physical activity and therefore will not bleed. If there is blood do not freak out, it’s natural, however you will want to make sure you are wearing a condom to protect yourself and her from blood, STD’s and pregnancy.


Once you are at Heaven’s gate, take it easy. Use your fingers to stretch the entrance by inserting one, two and then three while massaging her clit at the same time. Then, gently insert your penis head and slowly push your way in. Make sure she breathes and communicates with you the whole time.

These tips to sleep with a virgin will ensure a positive experience. Keep the communication open and never tell anyone afterwards as this will certainly break a bonded trust and label you, number one dickhead.

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