Get Girlfriend Back: Prove the Change

You took her for granted way too long and one day she just up and left. Suddenly every song, smell, color, street, movie and food reminds you of her. Your eyes are quickly opened to how good you had it and what an ass you had become. You realize you have to get girlfriend back. Here are a few ways you might be able to lasso her into your corner.

Mature Reach Out

Women do not want a little boy to take care of; they want a man to take care of them. Are you are more interested in your Xbox, paintball outings, weekly golf group, playing poker with the boys or drumming in your wannabe garage band instead of spending time with her? If so, you will have to make some changes if you want her back. Call her for a public meeting over coffee and prepare your script accordingly.

Write it Down

Once you get her to accept a mature meeting to discuss your concerns, get to work writing down your script. By putting on paper your affirmation of conscientious change it will give you a template to remain steadfast to. You can even bring your final outline with you to show her that you are serious. Here is an example:

1. I promise to spend more quality time with you.
2. I promise to listen to you as support and not try to fix your problems.
3. I promise not to neglect your feelings and encourage talking through them.
4. I promise to support things you enjoy doing just as you do for me.
5. I promise to offer help whenever it is needed or asked for.
6. I promise to cut off my balls and frame them for you.

*Disregard #6.

Constructive Criticism

Being willing to accept constructive criticism can be a milestone in a relationship. It is not easy to hear things about yourself that you completely disagree with however if you want to get girlfriend back you gotta do it. Sometimes it takes someone close to us to open our eyes to our weaknesses no one else may feel are appropriate to tell us. Note: If you have some deep issues (like jealousy, addiction or family baggage) therapy can help catapult you and your relationship ahead of what might otherwise take years to learn on your own.

Maybe You Can Wait

A lot of times a girlfriend leaves to make herself feel powerful; to face relationship fears; to get her life in order before she commits; or to simply see if there is anyone better out there. Sometimes if you just wait it out and give her some space she could very well reconsider on her own and come running back.

If she’s worth it, get girlfriend back. Nothing is better than a partner in crime. From crazy, acrobatic, wallpaper tearing sex to starting a family, keeping a girlfriend whose worth her salt can be a good deal that pays you back in unrequited love (now go throw up).


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